UPDATE: The Wing Bowl Photobomber is Dedicated to His Craft

Voila_Capture1094I need to know this man.

The media is stationed on stage-facing right of the wing-eating podium at Wing Bowl. This is where eaters, wingettes, strippers, hookers, whores and assorted hangers-on finish their procession and stop to pose for cameras from several dozen media outlets and my iPhone. It’s the official unofficial Wing Bowl photo op. Lots of forgettable photos were taken there today. And this guy was in just about all of them.

His dedication to the craft is, quite frankly, remarkable. When those around him were more concerned with taking pictures of their own, simulating cunnlingus, and flashing middle fingers – lots of middle fingers – this guy’s commitment never wavered, never flinched in the face of cottage cheesy uncertainty. And keep in mind, these pictures were taken over the better part of an hour today. It’s a marathon, Wing Bowl, not a sprint. This guy ran a great race. Well played, sir. Well played.

Voila_Capture1091 Voila_Capture1092 Voila_Capture1093 Voila_Capture1095 Voila_Capture1096

Update after the jump.

Voila_Capture1097 Voila_Capture1098 Voila_Capture1099 Voila_Capture1100 Voila_Capture1101Voila_Capture1104 Voila_Capture1105 Voila_Capture1106 Voila_Capture1107 Voila_Capture1108 Voila_Capture1109


UPDATE: His name is Kyle Fisher. And he is Hot Dog Man– apparently knocked over by a home run in 2010 and tossed out free hot dogs:



It’s well deserved.

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58 Responses

  1. Hell with the photobomber, I need to know the chick on the far left of the first pic!
    Looks to be legitimately hot!
    A lovely blossom sprouting up from a sea of skanks perhaps.

  2. Typical dirty filthy Philly trash. These skank whores are disgusting.
    You all wonder why Philly is the armpit of Pennsylvania.

    1. Yeah, because they are really churning out some quality broads in Coatesville…

      You could put the whole town together and not get a full set of teeth.

    1. Wow, you managed to squeeze TWO TIRED insults into one sentence! If only you included that he doesn’t get laid, you could have won the trifecta, you unoriginal dope!


  3. I can see Sean Brace and the others at 97.5 just absolutely raving about how hot these chicks are.

    They seriously talk about girls on air then self-promote their Twitters like “go check our our _________ twitter for a photo of this girl. Just posted it. Just had the producer post it. so hot, such a babe. she came out to our event with a ton of other hotties.”

    Like are these guys that far out of touch with what’s hot or not?

  4. He’s also the same beer man who got clobbered by a nate Schierholtz homer last year vs. The cubs and the same hot dog vendor who tossed free hotdogs to people towards the end of a shift. Good guy, funny dude.

  5. Kyle Fisher is a great man who enjoyed the Wingbowl in a way that didn’t involve him looking foolish or getting blackout drunk. The article is funny, the writer is observant, and the beard is epic. Well done Kyle.

  6. Those who put down wing bowl likely have never been to wing bowl. Who cares if 8/10 wingettes arent attractive, it’s the totality of the event that makes it so entertaining. Absolutely worth taking a day off from work no matter the occupation you hold.

    1. Well we know your profession is that of a fancy lawyer since you made sure to mention it in a prior post as if it somehow makes you a better person. Douchebags like you give all us lawyers a bad name.

  7. His name is Kyle “Bird” Fisher he is also known as Hot Dog Man and can be found on YouTube throwing out hot dogs check it out!

  8. This photobomber is a white trash scum just like every other drunk loser is at this event. Anyone that goes to wing bowl needs a life.
    They’d never run this bullshit in the big D. Dallas baby.

  9. You’re from Coatesville, you probably smell like the inside of an old hockey glove, just like the rest of your city. Nerd Alert!!! K. Fisher is a decent ass guy andddd Cowboy your mom probably needs to be picked up off the men’s room bathroom floor at some high-end pub in Coatesville. Get goin’.

    1. More like Kyle is an educated guy with a great heart from the suburban area of Philly. So go back to your shit hole town and stop dreaming of living in dallas

  10. Kyle, find me Coatesville Cowboys IP address. I’ve got a little surprise for that dirty, filthy, stinking, little fucking cockroach.

    1. Hahaha. Internet tough guy. Typical eagles fan.
      You want to find me? Come to the Midway On 30 and Pennsylvania Ave in Coatesville. Talk tough then. I’ll be here. Ask for Boon. I’ll be in my Cowboy jersey.

      1. And another thing, nobody has used “loser” as an empty insult since 1993. Stop doing that you enormous clown.

  11. Dont worry photo bomber , hotdog man — I sense a lot of hate from some of these these idiots. Hahaha cowboy .. if you hate wingbowl so much why are reading articles about it? On a philadelphia fan website of all places? Hahaa and your calling other people lowlifes and scum? Get a new hobbie because You seem very interested in something that is so “beneath” you. It seems that you must be unemployed living in your mother’s basement not getting laid, cause I mean you would? A dallas fan from Coatsville? Good luck with that .. Just move to Dallas already, ya Crumb.

    1. Wow, you are so original!

      1. played the unemployed card
      2. played the living in your mother’s basement card
      3. played the not getting laid card
      4. (unknowingly) played the “I’m too stupid to know how to spell” and/or “too lazy to care” cards

      Congratulations Kath! You win a slot as one of next year’s wingette/slut/whores.


  12. I see a lot of skanks and cows in these pictures. Who said Philly had great looking women? Was it Angelo? Horny bastard has no standards.


  13. Oooooo-weeee! I’ve seen better looking cows on my ranch.

    I’ll say one thing for you Philly fans. You sure know how to hold a white-trash fest! Now that you’ve unwittingly circulated these pictures and comments around the country, the rest of the nation knows they were right all along about you Philadelphia fans.

    Good job! You’ve even managed to make New York fans look civilized by comparison.

  14. Look at the jackass in the green wool hat flipping the bird. It would be great if his boss saw this, and fired him for skipping work.

    Wait, I think that’s one of my city workers.

  15. Coatesville cowboy is a fresh FISH imma push his asshole inside out!

    I’ll eat your kids nigga!

    Go hotdog mane
    Go Eagles

  16. Just cause I have no teeth and go balls deep in dudes doesn’t mean I won’t fuck you up Stevie. They call me truck stop gobbler. Ask about me!

  17. People, you have spoken and I have listened.

    Next year, we’re going to dispense with all the sleazy stripper/whores and fat cows. In their place will be the lovely Rhea, as the center of everyone’s attention. She will class up this thing, and I expect no complaining on this board next year!


  18. You really think I got what it takes? Gee mister, you sure made my day 🙂 🙂

    Forget all the cards I played, lets go back to my original argument. If this Moron hates wing bowl and Philly fans so much, why is he reading articles about wing bowl on a Philadelphia fan website? Seems you forgot that I said that, too worried about the way I spell to realize how pathetic this guy is.

    And of the comments to hate you chose mine 🙂 I feel special, I really do. A nominee for next years skank squad at the wing bowl has bothered you enough for you to leave a comment … dont be afraid to move to Dallas with your boy.

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