Voila_Capture1094I need to know this man.

The media is stationed on stage-facing right of the wing-eating podium at Wing Bowl. This is where eaters, wingettes, strippers, hookers, whores and assorted hangers-on finish their procession and stop to pose for cameras from several dozen media outlets and my iPhone. It’s the official unofficial Wing Bowl photo op. Lots of forgettable photos were taken there today. And this guy was in just about all of them.

His dedication to the craft is, quite frankly, remarkable. When those around him were more concerned with taking pictures of their own, simulating cunnlingus, and flashing middle fingers – lots of middle fingers – this guy’s commitment never wavered, never flinched in the face of cottage cheesy uncertainty. And keep in mind, these pictures were taken over the better part of an hour today. It’s a marathon, Wing Bowl, not a sprint. This guy ran a great race. Well played, sir. Well played.

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Update after the jump.

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UPDATE: His name is Kyle Fisher. And he is Hot Dog Man– apparently knocked over by a home run in 2010 and tossed out free hot dogs:



It’s well deserved.