Voila_Capture922Here’s a short story on Philly.com about Nick Foles being guaranteed a roster spot in the Pro Bowl. He’s the first alternate behind the six quarterbacks chosen to participate (no conference affiliation this year), and, since either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is guaranteed to be playing in the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl QBs don’t play in the Pro Bowl, that means a spot will become available. The Patriots win on Saturday night guaranteed that at least one Pro Bowl QB would be in the Super Bowl, because both Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers are Pro Bowlers.

Anyway, here’s what appeared on Philly.com today. It was ostensibly written by Les Bowen:

Foles, the first alternate for any of the six Pro Bowl quarterbacking spots, was assured of going when Russell Wilson took the Seahawks past the Saints into the NFC Championship Game this weekend.

Wrong. Has nothing to do with Russell Wilson. The 49ers can win and Wilson will still be eligible

Since the conference championships now are played on the same weekend as the Pro Bowl, Wilson won’t be going to Hawaii.

Also wrong. The Pro Bowl is the week between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.

In fact, given that Saints QB Drew Brees also is a Pro Bowler, Foles pretty much had to go, once one of them officially won in the divisional round. Then New England’s Tom Brady removed himself by winning as well, just for good measure.

Wrong again.

H/T to (@shawnmcbrearty)