Video: Drake as A-Rod on SNL was Hilarious

Voila_Capture1011Sooo, Drake was actually pretty good on SNL. He was at his best as Alex Rodriguez during the cold opening– blaming auto-correct for his damning text messages with Anthony Bosch in interview with Piers Morgan. Also: Kate McKinnon is great and the next star to come from SNL. Book it.

Video after the jump.

Bonus screenshot of quasi-Joshua Harris reference regarding his company buying Chuck E. Cheese for around $1 billion:



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  1. mid 20s-early 30s white people who refuse to grow out of their rap phase love that half a j.w drake.

  2. Kate Mckinnon is funny as shit. Her Bieber here is spot the fuck on.

    Every time I see Drake I just think of the Common freestyle where he destroys him…”You ain’t never wet nobody n**** you Canada Dry.” Epic shit right there.

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