Video: Fights at Wing Bowl

There was a massive brawl in the second level. Someone finally posted video of it and another, smaller-scale scrum. Be sure to stick around for the lap dance at 3:10!

via YouTube

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40 Responses

  1. Probably some faggots from The Prep getting their asses kicked for being faggots from The Prep. We’ll hear about it tomorrow and next week how those faggots “beat down Bonner once again”

    Also, I didn’t go to Bonner.

    God, I hate St. Joe’s Prep.

    1. Good call “that guy”….still butthurt over your petty high school insecurities. That entrance exam was rigged, you have jesuit gentleman and scholar written all over you!!!

      1. My high school tuition was twice what the trash at SJP pay to attend school in the ghetto and twice as hard to get in. SJP isn’t special at all.

  2. I went to a boxing match and a wing bowl broke out. Guiness should have been there to documernt a record. Biggest assemlage of white trash.

  3. This just goes to further cement the labeling of these attendees as scum of the earth. Can almost guarantee that the favored form of attire incuded jean shorts/extra large sweatpants, work boots, unwashed hoodies and some form of chin strap-esque facial hair.

  4. Heard on WIP this afternoon that people were already tailgating at 4 a.m. so of course they could barely string two sentences together by 8. Not surprised at the creme de la creme at this thing fighting and the trash women, etc. However, I have a feeling that some underage stuff is eventually going to come to light at this event sooner or later where WIP could find themselves in some legal trouble between the drinking and hookers – don’t tell me no teens were present. This is one shitstorm waiting to happen. I can’t believe how the station is bragging about this like it is the Rose Bowl parade or something.

    1. Its bizarre listening to the broadcast. They try to hype and church it up to the extent that it [almost] seems like a normal eating event. In all actuality its a seedy stripper-fest/giant party, with tons of overindulgence by everyone present; from oggling mediocre strippers, to drinking to excess, to eating like a fat pig. The reality of the event is in stark contrast to the presentation provided by that douche meister Angelo. Now at the same time, all of the things that make wing bowl so sketch, is also what makes it a very fun time for everyone involved. Everybody who goes raves about how much fun it is. I am going to have to check it out one of these years

    1. 97.5 the fanatic employees flooding crossing broad with fake names butthurt because they couldn't have an event that draw thousands says:

      No you dumbass the only thing that has jumped the shark is you 97.5 peons constantly spewing your hate towards WIP which is sad on your part and at the same time understandable since WIP regularly kicks your stations ass in the ratings department.

      #97.5 sucks

      1. Hey douche! Hashtags don’t work on this message board.

        (Typical low-IQ degenerate wing bowl fan)


  5. This is why our country sucks. Philly police department gets donations from this event and everyone wants it to end.

    Unless you are ready to fund the PD, pay more in taxes, or risk a longer time between calling 911 and service……. appreciate what WIP does and ignore wing bowl (which is hard to explain to people clicking+ reading articles about wing bowl).

    1. 97.5 the fanatic employees flooding crossing broad with fake names butthurt because they couldn't have an event that draw thousands says:

      Agreed let them peons over at 97.5 try and duplicate what WIP has been doing for years and I guarantee you it couldn’t be done.

      1500 people(at best)would show up for a fanatic event(although I highly doubt it).

        1. No, it’s some fairy douche that doesn’t realize using the word “butthurt” sounds gay.

          It’s popped up in some of his “regular” comments too, but I don’t remember what his handle is.


          1. In my opinion, ol’ long handle badly needs a visit from Lyle Chipperson badly, to mock his failed attempts at humor.

    1. I’d rather someone made a documentary about it, that way there would be a sweet video out there to watch and laugh at!

  6. These jackasses were probably fighting over who the sluts were waving at.

    Ass #1: “Look, that hot babe [actually a low-level slut] is checking me out!”

    Ass #2: “Fuck you, she was waving at me, not you”

    Ass #1: “The hell she was. It’s go-time, jackass”


  7. Your cleanup crew better do a good job. You won’t want Giroux catching AIDS from the dasher boards the next time I plant his face there!


  8. This fight happened right next to me I actually caught the tailend video and was debating on posting it. It was actually over a guy who hit a girl at least that’s what we were told by one of the dudes who hopped in the fight. Supposedly some dufe got over aggressive with her she pushed him so he swung and hit her but barely clipped her. Than a different guy hit that guy who’s buddies jumped in then they almost went over the railing all during the national anthem.


  9. True story. They let a pregnant woman in the event one year, and her overeating had her prematurely delivering twins that afternoon. Thank God, they were OK. Their WIP sponsors for that event were Steve Fredericks and Missanelli. Money and profits drive the event…..pure and simple.

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  11. I’m embarrassed that I’m from a city that hosts an event like this. And we wonder why the national media rips us all the time. We haven’t won a Super Bowl, but we host wing bowl every year! Philly is classy.

  12. CBS is after money and until someone gets killed in a fight at one of these events, anything goes. They have enough lawyers to defend them. Andy Bloom, the Don King of promotions, is ordered by CBS to rake in the cash and put up with all the B.S. and fighting. His on air talent of Cataldi, Morganti and company are well paid and are whores who sold out a long time ago.

    Hell, they let a pregnsnt woman in the event years ago who later prematurely delivered twins the afternoon after she gouged herself on wings. No harm, no foul

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