Video: Joe Buck’s Self-Deprecating Humor is Outstanding

Voila_Capture1072I never understood why people hate Joe Buck. He’s quite good at what he does– calling the biggest sporting events on Earth. Everyone thinks he hates their team, mostly because he’s not that excitable. Everyone around here wanted to kill him when he was doing big Phillies playoff games for a solid three years. But here’s the thing: your team isn’t playing in a big game if Joe Buck isn’t calling it. It’s that simple. He’s better at baseball, but calls two sports with ease. Get off his shit.

Anyway, he’s great in this Funny Or Die skit– Joe Buck’s Failed Super Bowl Promo. Step over the jump. 


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  1. yeah, i never understood why many around here label him an “eagle hater.” so, i agree with you that he is a good announcer and also comical in doing so. however, joe buck is nowhere near greatness. so, how does an average announcer find himself in the top echelon of sports broadcasting? by living off of daddy’s last name. jack buck was phenomenal and i think joe buck benefits from such reverence as opposed to merits of his own. again, he is good just not great.

  2. Remember when Artie Lange tore his snooty humor to shreds, it was so bad HBO stopped airing it.

    He’s a prick who thinks he’s better than he is at what he does.

    The only reason this is enjoyable is because everyone really does hate him and there’s this satisfaction that people are saying what everyone else wants to say.

    Its annoying because he’s trying to be funny about it…but then again its Joe Buck, everything he does is annoying.

  3. Actually I do clearly remember Joe being biased against the Phillies while playing LA on their way to the WS. Was I being oversensitive? Maybe. But that’s my right is it not? Fuck Joe Buck kyle, if you don’t like it, well eff you too!!! Anyway, He’s an alien, from outer space. Just look at his head. Didn’t you watch MIB?

  4. people in Philadelphia hate Joe Buck because we hate nepotism. The only problem is most people in Philadelphia don’t know what nepotism is so they usually have no clue why they actually hate him and end up saying stupid shit like “He hates da igglessssss”

  5. The deepthroat artist is back…. Jo-ahhhhhhh-e Buc-ahhhhh-k is my fav-ahhhhh-orite… Are those tears of joy Kyle? And why is your makeup running?

  6. People in Philadelphia hate Joe Buck because they are fucking morons. Despite the claims that Philadelphia has “the most knowledgeable fans” the fact is they are idiots. 20 years and counting under the Lurie regime and they still think a Super Bowl is coming. Since Joe Buck actually says things other than “Dallas Sucks” and “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!” this fan base can’t understand him.

    Want the most accurate picture of the Philly sports fan? Tune in tomorrow for WIng Bowl where a bunch of fat ass white trash losers will hoot and holler at a bunch of Kenzo whores. Keep a safe distance if you actually attend since most of them will spoonge themselves when that fucking loser Kelce shows up to eat wings.

    1. Im a skinny, well-educated attorney and can’t wait for wing bowl as i’ve gone each of the last ten years and always have a blast. Starting going because a friend of mine, from Blue Bell (not kensington), was a wingette. You are right about one thing though – I am white.

  7. I continue to say Kyle should refrain from showing us too much of his personality. Jimmy Buffet? Budweiser puppy commercial. Now Joe Buck? WTF? These nuggets that he gives us do not reflect well on him. Seems like a lot of his likes/dislikes are feminine in nature.

  8. You would like Joe Buck. I mainly hate his weird “turn to the camera and make a creepy smirk” thing anytime Troy is speaking.

  9. Announcer-haters are annoying. They get paid to be unbiased. Stop whining because they don’t kiss your team’s ass the way the homer local announcers do.

  10. It’s not just Philly fans. Baseball fans in general don’t like Joe Buck because he gets paid to cover a sport that he doesn’t enjoy and thinks is boring. Jackass shouldn’t be covering baseball.

  11. Kyle, you looked like a nine-year-old homosexual elf while getting slaughtered on Philly Pheud last week.

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