Villanova is Now Ranked 4th in the Country


Coming soon.

Just your weekly reminder that Villanova is really, really good. They obliterated DePaul on Saturday, 88-62. They’re now 16-1, 5-0 in the Big East, and #4 in the latest AP poll.

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31 Responses

  1. Not a huge fan of a lot of the Tee’s for sale around these parts (but not against their posting, either)- that being said, I love that shirt. I have never attended a moment of class at Nova and lived by the motto at The Prep that ‘Friends don’t let friends go to nova’, but that is one good looking shirt. *hat tip*

      1. I usually have fun making jokes about the tees you come up with. But as a marginal fan of Nova, I have to admit, this shirt is pretty fuckin awesome. Good work on this one kyle. I gotta give credit when credit is due.

  2. Other than Kansas (and I guess Iowa, who I’m sure you’ll say is awesome), has Villanova beaten anyone remotely good? Also, are we supposed to be impressed that Nova is 5-0 in a conference in which Creighton is 5-1? The Big East is not the Big East anymore. The one time nova actually played a team that was in the big east when it was good, they got spanked by 16. But oh man, they “obliterated DePaul.” You can probably book those final 4 tickets now.

    1. Well, if you believe in the RPI, they’re #2, and the beat Kansas, who is #1. They also have 10 wins against the top 100, including La Salle and St. Joe’s. And Iowa. They’ve won all those games and blew a big lead on the road to Syracuse. And they’re killing people. If they were squeaking by teams, I’d be more worried, but they’re CRUSHING teams. They have the 10th highest strength of schedule, the 20th (give or take) out of conference sos, and they will play Creighton (14) tonight and and Xavier later in season (35), each twice. So while it’s not the old Big East, they’re not playing a CAA schedule either. This sort of thing worked for Memphis, Gonzaga and Butler.

      1. I’m not as sold on RPI as some other people, but I think if you are going to use it to evaluate how good a team is, it’s not really worthwhile to look at it in the middle of January. I’m not trying to say Nova is terrible–obviously they’ve done well and you can only beat who’s on your schedule–but only two real quality wins thus far hasn’t really shown me anything. It sounds nice when you say “they have 10 wins in the top 100,” but what you conveniently fail to mention is that only three or those wins were vs teams in the top 50 (#s 1, 26, and 46) The other wins were against teams with RPIs of 66, 67, 81, 82, 89, 93, and 98 They’ve beaten up on a bunch of bubble teams and lower so far and, like I said, really only have two quality wins. I’m not saying they’re awful, but let’s pump the breaks a little bit before we start acting like they’re a legitimate top-5 team. They’ve only had two wins against good teams.

        1. So realist they have played the 10th hardest schedule and will lose 2 games so far. Yet your not sold? You do realize almost every team in the top 10 will have very few wins against top 25 teams. Nova has beat 2 in the top 10 btw. They might not be top 5 but they are def a top 10 team so far in the season. SOS and RPI tell you that.

          1. I’m not sold because it’s the middle of January. Just because their SOS is good now and fucking iowa is in the top 10 RPI now doesn’t mean iowa is that good of a team. And I understand that not many top teams will have wins against other top 25 teams. But that’s not my point. Nova only has only 5 wins against the entire top 80 right now. I’m not saying they’re amazing or awful. I’m just saying supefanboy Kyle needs to take the glasses off before he proclaims
            Nova a top 5 team. It’s WAY too early to tell.

  3. Correction: by “playing” Creighton, you mean losing by 40, right? Lol. Cool t shirt though. . .
    In a few weeks they will be shipped to the same place Pence and victorino shirts end up.

      1. Ugh. Fn Blue jays murkin fools in south Philly. Let this be a lesson to you Kylie. Never gloat like this. You look dumb as hell.

        But we’ll bounce back and make a run to the sweet 16.


  4. I realize Nova destroyed my Explorers earlier this year, but there is just something awesome about seeing them get absolutely obliterated by Creighton right now. Wonder if Kyle is witnessing this first hand down at the Well.

  5. Respectable teams don’t lose by nearly 30 to other ranked teams, let alone Creighton. Also, you lost all credibility on your schedule argument with the Big East reference. That shit conference is on par with the Big Sky nowadays. All the good Big East teams went to the ACC.

  6. Haha, way to curse them Kyle. After getting rolled tonight they will be back outside the top 10.

  7. OVER RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OVER RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OVER RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just got DESTROYED by Creighton bro, at home. Too bad none of the fans EVER show up for Nova when they play “at home” at the Wells Fargo Center.

    I forgot that it was a school night. Pussies…

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