Villanova is Now Ranked Sixth in the Country

Voila_Capture971Just your weekly reminder that Villanova is really, really good. They obliterated Seton Hall on the road and gutted out an impressive win at St. John’s this week. They’re now 15-1, 4-0 in the Big East, and #6 in the latest AP poll.


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    1. This would make an awesome shirt! A gray shirt with blue block letters “Villanova is Now Ranked Sixth in the Country”.

  1. Over Rated! Only play 1 Top 20 team here on out! Will go to NCAA and get busted in 1st round like always.

    1. Not to mention, they got DESTROYED by the #2 team in the Nation, their old rival Syracuse. Were up 20 in the first half and then lost by 16. That is a 36 point swing.

      Come on Kyle…Villanova isn’t even a city school

      AND when they have games down at Wells Fargo, nobody is there….except the other team’s fans.

    2. “Like always.” Jay Wright’s Villanova NCAA results: Sweet 16, Elite 8, first round, Sweet 16, Final Four, second round, first round, first round.

  2. They almost lost to a terrible St. John’s team. OVERRATED is an understatement. They’ll probably end up in the 23-25 range year end.

  3. Wake me up when the tourney starts, it’s really the only time that college basketball means anything. And trust me, Villanova will not make it past the sweet 16

  4. I heard Jay Wright banged Kate Upton and those two bazookas she’s got on her chest.

      1. He’s right below, as Clarkie and Informed. Odd how both mindless comments were made only a minute apart (as if the real “Informed” was already here, to immediately reply to “Clarkie’s” comment). They are both that Nick Papagiorgio douchebag, who has ruined this board.

          1. That guys making false accusations Clarke he needs to stop accusing nick nicks a good commenter

          2. No, the real “Clarkie Hughes” doesn’t comment with gay shit.

  5. Nova is pretty solid now but March is always about matchups. Was tough seeing them slaughter my alma mater.

    In other Big 5 news, those boys of La Salle are playing much better recently. Gonna need a big win over some better teams like VCU, Saint Louis, or UMass to get back in the picture. Hopefully destroy Temple on ESPN Gameday this Saturday!

    1. Look at the teams you have beaten: Quinnipiac, Siena, Morgan State, Hartford, Stony Brook, Wagner, Penn, George Washington, Duquesne. Not a quality win in the bunch. And you think you can crush Temple? Letting that one sweet 16 run go to your head, huh?

      1. Don’t understand the word “hopefully” do ya Eric. Temple always beats La Salle so yes hopefully they do crush Temple. GW is 27th in RPI. Not to mention Tyreek Duren is finally fully healthy.

        What quality wins does Temple have out of those 5 they have? Played 2 quality teams in Memphis and Texas.

        So shut up Temple Tool.

        1. It has been determined that the 2 comments above were made by the same person. How weak to be carrying on a conversation with your multiple handles!

  6. Easily most fun philly team to watch.
    Tons of talent and depth and hard working team-first players.
    Been a very enjoyable team to follow so far.
    See them as a #3 seed come tourney…..

      1. Except that they are the only local team that can come close to filling the Wells Fargo Center, which is in Philadelphia.

      1. Yes, I think that was established 39 minutes BEFORE you posted your comment, RIGHT ABOVE YOURS! Read much?

  7. Tssst, Kyle how come my comments need to be approved now? Chippa’s been posting here for months now. Maybe I should post here from I pad, so I can defininitely get “App”-proved… Or sumptin, I dont know, tsssst.

      1. You might have a point if I was the only chip posting here. Sweet handle yourself btw. Its a really good one. Because using acronyms that fucking 12 year olds text each other in your handle is halarious. And clearly the chip gimmick goes right over your head if you think the “tsst” that follows everything chippa says is the only aspect of that “schtick.”

  8. Rankings are meaningless in January. A couple of bad losses and Villanova will fall out of the top 25 before you can blink. As for Regis, damn! He looks like he’s been embalmed.

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