“We’re From Philadelphia And We Fight” T-Shirts Back In-Stock

Phillyfightlogo2We’ve been treading water and chasing tails on the Snow Bowl and Fight shirts for the past few weeks to keep up with demand and the holidays. But our printers have finally caught up and we have roughly 30 We’re From Philadelphia And We Fight and Snow Bowl t-shirts left in stock and ready to ship. We’ll be printing more Fight shirts, but what you see listed on site is in-stock and ready to ship. Printed on high quality ringspun cotton.

Get one.

UPDATE: Some of the stock is gone and orders in certain sizes won’t be printed and shipped until early next week.


9 Responses

  1. Kyle,
    Make a grey (or is it gray?) t shirt with the CB logo across the chest. I’ll buy that.
    Thank you.

  2. Kyle, please contact me!!! I think “Around Main Line” can really help with selling your shitting clothing!!!

  3. I saw Uncle Cuz jerking off wearing his the other day. He was doing his gay laugh and staring at his Lesean McCoy fathead while he spanked his small manhood.

  4. Hanratty, what is your seat number? We are going to the game in Saints gear, and are bringing a special shirt for you: “We’re From Philadelphia and We Fucking Suck”. After the beat down we give you, then we’ll see how your big-boy pants fit when you don’t have a keyboard to hide behind.

  5. Any plans to re-stock this shirt again? I’m pretty sure my husband needs this shirt 🙂

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