Voila_Capture932DeSean Jackson was not happy with reports saying he wants a new contract.

On his Instagram last night (somewhere, Flyers beat writers are positively outraged!), he posted this image accompanied by the following text: Shit a shame I’m Worried about Having a great off season & enjoying time wit my Fam & love 1’s God has a great plan for me !! I’m BLESSED CANT STOP THAT ‘ Word up ‘

Word up, indeed.

So, were the reports taken out of context? Here’s what CSN’s Reuben Frank tweeted, which seemed to kick off the DeSean is unhappy talk:


Here’s what DeSean said in full, which is almost exactly what Frank tweeted:

No question that some context was missing from Frank, and his framing the quote with DeSean says he deserves a new contract is a tad misleading, but by hinting that he wants things to go smoothly and referencing the fact that he wasn’t a distraction last year, Jackson certainly implies that holding out could be an option this year.

He lives in another world. I went out there, no distractions and, really, put it all in for my team. What? Just about every NFL player and athlete does that. That’s not a bonus, it’s expected. D-Jac will make over $10 million next season, but there is little guaranteed money left on his deal ($15 million of his $48 million deal was guaranteed)– the Eagles could cut him or he could get hurt. That’s how most NFL contracts work. Even Calvin Johnson is only guaranteed less than half of his $113 million deal ($48 million), and D-Jac is certainly not Calvin Johnson.

Does Jackson have some leverage to renegotiate after his best season? Yeah. But, again, he’s going about this the wrong way. He’s due $10 million next season. There’s no urgency here. Just quietly restructure with the team. Don’t run to the media two days after a very positive season. Maybe his words were blown a bit out of proportion, but he certainly wasn’t misquoted.