Some items we didn’t get to over the last few days:

I wasn’t joking when I said they need to put a William Penn statue on top of Mt. Comcast. Which is exactly what they’re going to do:

Comcast set out to “reverse the curse” by placing a small William Penn figurine on top of the office tower it opened in 2007.

The Phillies won the World Series the following year.

Comcast is now planning an even taller tower next door.

But a Comcast spokesman says William Penn will be moving up, too, when the 59-story tower opens in 2017.

Yuengling is making their own ice cream, for some reason.

Kevin Stocker and Doug Glanville (ughhhh) might be the leaders in the clubhouse:

Earlier in the week, Todd Zolecki wrote that Brad Lidge, Mitch Williams, Curt Schilling and John Kruk were likely off the table (Kruk is still a longshot), and:

Sources said names in the mix include Doug Glanville, who works with ESPN; Buck Martinez, who broadcasts with the Blue Jays; Kevin Stocker, who has received high marks for his work with the Pac-12 and CBS Sports networks; and Mickey Morandini, who is a coach with Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

Jamie Moyer’s name also has been mentioned.

Ricky Bottalico and Ben Davis currently work pregame and postgame shows at Comcast, and they could receive consideration to join McCarthy in the booth.

Chris Coste previously worked as a pregame and postgame analyst with Comcast, but he is not a candidate at this time.


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LeSean McCoy predicts multiple Super Bowls:

“The time has come,” McCoy said when prompted by Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle that Eagles fans are frustrated by not having a Lombardi trophy in their possession. “In the next five years, we should get a couple wins.

“We have the talent, we have the coach and the players all have the same goal and same dreams.”

More on SCP:

“He’s creepy,” said Rae Dean, who lives a few houses away from Pagano. “He’ll come outside with his underwear on. One time he came outside carrying a gun with just his underwear on.”

Dean said Pagano moved to the neighborhood about nine years ago and lives there with his wife and 10-year-old daughter.

Totally normal.

H/T to Hall of Fame CB reader (@PhillyPartTwo)