Your Monday Morning Roundup

Sort of a painfully slow local sports weekend, except for the fact that, ohmahgod, the Flyers may, may be good again. I said it a few months ago and, because it’s another time in the future, I’ll say it again: Craig Berube deserves some credit. He immediately fixed the Flyers’ defensive woes, and though it took time, the scoring eventually came back, too.

But on to the topic everyone seemingly needs to have an opinion about: Richard Sherman.

Yeah, that was an extremely dickish thing to do. I always worry about guys who feel the need to trash-talk a losing opponent when the focus should be 100% on the fact that they’re going to the Super Bowl. But the righteous indignation from B-level pundits everywhere is ridiculous. I’ve seen comments ranging from what it means to be a top corner and why it’s not a big deal, to why we expect our gladiators (they’re words) to be well-behaved. C-level pundits on Twitter already want to turn this into a dialogue about culture, sports and race. Shut up, people! It’s funny, and highly entertaining. Seahawks fans will love Sherman for it, and 49ers fans will hate him. The rest of us should just watch and enjoy.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

The Flyers locked up Steve Mason to a three-year, $12.3 million deal on Saturday. The contract will kick in next season and have a cap hit of $4.1 million, making Mason the 14th highest paid goalie in hockey. Good-ish deal, I suppose. But Mason has been an enigma his entire career, including this season, and has yet to put together a decent full season since his first season in Columbus, in 2008-2009. Why the Flyers insist on re-signing unproven players before they have to is a mystery to me.

Meanwhile, tough weekend for goalie prospect Anthony Stolarz, who not only watched his would-be competition sign a new contract, but also cut his leg:

Thankfully, it’s nothing too serious.

It’s gonna snow tomorrow. NWS is predicting anywhere from 4-6 to 10 inches of snow.

Brett Brown uses Skype and talks about the importance of getting tough shooters.

This sort of thing only happens in Philly, we’re told:


I love you, Busted Coverage. 75 hottest sports anchors.

Dan Carcillo’s hipster condo is for sale.

Phillies 2014 giveaways.

I like this decision to not have Charlie Manuel in Clearwater this year. He’s (and everyone else involved) right– he would be a distraction.

Molly Eichel of reports that CSN has hired Philly area-native Jen Daniels:

Daniels’ most recent stint as a sports reporter was at the ABC affiliate in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., but her gig at Comcast SportsNet is a homecoming of sorts. Daniels hails from Brigantine, N.J., where she was a basketball star in her own right, making Sports Illustrated‘s Faces in the Crowd section as an eighth-grader at Brigantine North Middle School, and achieving basketball stardom at Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, N.J. She attended George Mason University on a full athletic scholarship. Daniels received her masters degree in journalism from Georgetown University.

Here’s a picture Daniels tweeted last week, from what appears to be her going away party:


Yeah, she’ll be a fan favorite. Follow her on Twitter (@JenDanielsCSN).

LeSean McCoy is celebrating a championship of some sort:

via (@JPFinlayCSN)


The last episode of Crossing Streams was our best. A 45-minute conversation with Glen Macnow about sports media, online commenters, and his leaving the WIP Afternoon show. Listen or download. Subscribe with iTunes. Grab the RSS feed. All are mobile-friendly links.

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Good day, sirs.

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32 Responses

      1. You guys sound like a couple of Queers commenting on guys looks.

        This isn’t tmz or some gossip girl site,take that to another site okay tinkerbell.

  1. Who would waste $$$ on buying “girls of philly” when all that free internets porn is out there?

    1. Good question. The only possible purpose I can glean from it is to find out which girls in Philadelphia are goers. You know, which ladies are the “good eggs” out there.

  2. Richard Sherman would be an Eagles legend if we had him. Dude is exactly what our D needs.

    1. Could of had him but fat fucking disgusting slob pig Andy drafted Curtis marsh instead

      1. The Eagled could have drafted Earl Thomas in the 1st rd,Navarro Bowman in the 3rd,and with 4 4th rd picks in the 2010 draft could have used one on Kam Chancellor but no Andy Reid waisted picks on stiffs like Brandon Graham Nate Allen Daniel Teo’Nesheim and Clay Harbor.

        And national idiots wonder why we hate Andy Teid

        1. Jesus. Seeing the players we missed in that draft, compared side by side with the losers we actually picked up, damn near makes me sick to my stomach. Andy was HORRENDOUS at drafting talent later on in his tenure here.

          1. I’m glad KC fans got a small taste of the real Reid when he choked so hard in the playoffs, but wait a few years until he fills their team with undersized linemen because “he likes their speed”. Has Andy inquired about Danny Watkins from Miami yet?

          2. Or wait until he “drafts for need” by picking up some scrub who he could have snagged several rounds later.

        2. And don’t forget that just two years later Andy passed on that powerful buck Vontaze Burfict. Though you all shouldn’t blame Andy for that one. My husband forced him to pass on him, because he was (rightfully) worried that I would cuckold him with that strong, powerful, handsome hang man.

  3. A little over $4 million cap hit for a player playing better at the same position we formerly were paying over $9 million a year for? I like the Mason deal.

    1. *who played better.

      Mason was great the first two months. Since December 1, his save percentage is below .900 (which was what Bryz gave you).

      I like Mason, and I don’t think it’s a horrible deal. But I would like to see more than 2 months of good play out of a goalie before I make him my starter for 3 years.

    2. “It’s not as bad as the Bryz contract” isn’t really a reason for considering this a good deal. The flyers had no reason to make this deal right now. They could’ve let the entire season play out to see how good/bad Mason really is. He would’ve been a restricted free agent after this year so they could’ve matched any offer. It doesn’t make sense to give this much of a commitment to a goalie who had one good season five years ago.

      1. But of course they didn’t wait, because that would be a sensible decision! As long as we have a horrendous G.M. in Paul Holmgren, and as long as we have the current ownership which is content to bask in a couple of Stanley Cup Trophies from the mid-70s, this team will continue to be mired in mediocrity. It is beyond frustrating, but at this point, as fans, we’re stuck with it.

  4. Sherman is a beast. I agree, unless you’re Michael Crabtree or a Niners’ fan, there’s really no reason to be pissed off about it. I thought it was great.

    1. Seriously, ppl are just looking for a reason to bitch at the slightest provocation in this cunt-ry at this point. Thought it was hilarious all the racist reactions on twitter too. I mean, listen, I’m one of the first out there to use some brutal racist humor here and there but the number of racist idiots who were freaking out at Sherman’s antics were just over the top.

  5. it was a great game with great ending and then that guy started screaming at the reporter and it really scared my wife and kids now she’s mad at me for letting him in our house thru the tv

  6. Besides the fact that mez has remembered that he’s a solid offensive Dman, in what fucking way has the D been fixed its garbage on most nights…

  7. I have a dream. I have a dream that one day Michael Barkann will no longer be on radio and TV. I have a dream that Mark Zumoff will only be calling D-League games. I have a dream. I have a dream that the last name of Eskin will no longer be uttered in the city of Philadelphia. I might not live to see that dream but I’ve have been the mountain top.

    1. I also have a dream that the Eagles will finally find a replacement for Brian Dawkins,and the Sixers will get the #1 pick and draft Kansas big man Joel Embiidd,and the Flyers will break the Stanley cup drought.

      And finally I have a dream that WIP management will realize that the fat pig from Houston radio(Josh Innes) is not a good fit here and fire him ASAP!

    2. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself. My name, is Rupert Pupkin. I was born in Clifton New Jersey, which was not at the time a federal offense! Is there anyone here from Clifton? Oh good, we can all relax now….

  8. Let’s hit it!

    But first, a word from our sponsors:

    Why say “let’s hit it!” When you know ur gonna say “but first….” How has no one picked up on this utter douchery

    1. Yes, but not as douchy as creating function-keys for posts containing, “I first said this way back when”, “This is what I’ve been saying”, “Like I’ve said all along” and “IIIIIIIIII”. That’s more douchy.

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