Heading out of town this evening for a few days, so expect things to be relatively quiet around here until Sunday. Now, some bits not worth their own post:

Justin Bieber got arrested this morning. You know that. Here’s video of him playing basketball – incredibly well, mind you – just hours before his entourage blocked off a Miami street so he could drag race his Lambo. Of course TMZ already has video of Biebs driving just before his arrest.

Roy Halladay, Sarge and Brad Lidge will be among the Phillies’ spring training instructors. But not Mike Schmidt, who has a curious medical issue.

Ruben Amaro tries to justify the Bobby Abreu signing in this interview with John Clark. [If you’re keeping score at home, because I am, Clark is the only dude to interview both Ed Snider and Ruben Amaro in their offices this winter. Working for the Comcast overlords doesn’t hurt, but still, good gets.]

Say hello to Team USA’s Olympic uniforms, which I think are delightfully hilarious and look like the Apollo 11 sweater Jack Nicholson’s kid wore in The Shining.


Just don’t go in Room 237 under any circumstance.

Matt Stairs will be at Wing Bowl (not an eater) and video of his moonshot will be played, which should whip the crowd up into a tit-flashing frenzy. Hell, it might whip me up into a tit-flashing frenzy.