Avalanche Fan Texts About Mean Flyers Fans in Size 64 Font

Voila_Capture1146 Voila_Capture1147This is perfect. Soft, potentially blind Avalanche fan, wearing a sweater under his sweater, can’t hack it at the Wells Fargo Center. Thank God he wasn’t sexting on that teleprompter– “I WANT TO SMOKE YOUR ROCK HARD…” hey, the rest cut offWhat does she want to smoke? WHAT DOES SHE WANT TO SMOKE?!


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  1. Funny thing is he’s right. Flyers fans are the scum of this earth. Hence beating people up for no reason a la Gino’s steak incident

    1. “Stuck” huh? Do you think that none of us has ever been to or seen Pittsburgh? Lol. That’s like saying a sears photographer got “stuck” working for Hugh Hefner… You should thank your lucky stars Marty.

    2. For the record that “incident” involved a Flyer fan from NJ, the armpit of America, that wanted to join us “scum of the earth” because of the respectable franchise and fanbase. But in your eyes, we’re even worse than those Chiefs fans that BEAT SOMEONE TO DEATH

      Go boo Jagr again you oblivious imbecilic dick head #FanSince05

      1. Flyer Mike, I’m in NJ and live 10 minutes from the stadiums. Probably closer than you. Fuck off.

        It’s jerkoffs like you that drive through Jersey to use our beaches and do 60mph in the left lane.

    3. how about the guy who beat up his pregnant girlfriend at Consol Energy? Yeah, we’re scum. Fuck you doucher.

  2. As someone who was at the game last night… The Avs fans were particularly annoying. They made it their business to yell and scream and stand up every time the Avs took a shot. You can’t come in our building, stand up, turn around and face the crowd behind you, yell go Avs into the flyers crowd, and not get shit. Fuck em

    1. Agreed, unusually belligerent for a non-rivalry schlep west coast matchup. Our section had Avs dudes jumpin up screaming for the smallest odd-man rush, like it was retard night. “You do know there’s 6 min left and you’re still getting shut out, right?”

      1. Its ignorant people like you that cause issues for fans at games! I am a huge hockey fan (Go avs!) & get out of control too. However, use of the word “retard” is frowned upon these days. But, I wouldn’t expect a typical under educated hockey fan to know that! Avs fans are from Denver. Denver fans are the best sports fans there are. We love our teams! You’re gonna frown upon that!? Hockey is a exciting sport so expect people to jump from their seats. & for your info. Denverites happen to have more degrees per capita than any other city! 😉

        1. First, what constitutes an under educated fan? Is a Masters Degree the level of Denver fans expectations, or was that your attempt to sound, “over educated” using your mash-up of the English language, in comparison to those less educated, or uneducated as you should have said? Also it’s, “an” before exciting… not, “a exciting.”
          If you wish to talk degrees per capita maybe you should be more careful with the content of your post and your grammar, so you don’t come off sounding uneducated. Tool bag.

  3. That’s funny, Pittsburgh mutants always looking to take their shots at us…once you go west of Harrisburg you enter the wonderful world of Pennsyltucky, where the Mullet is still the hairstyle of choice, NASCAR has a huge following and dating your first cousin is an acceptable practice. Do us all a favor and take your terrible towel waving, McCutcheon jersey and penguin themed Zubaz pants wearing ass somewhere else, YOU’RE not that important. Pittsburgh is a 2nd rate hack town, besides we have New York to battle with, a much more worthy opponent..

  4. Fucking Pittsburgh people. What the fuck would they have to talk about if it wasn’t for the Steelers and Pens? It’s probably the only city I’ve ever seen where homebrew meth labs actually drive up the surrounding property value.

  5. If you can’t take a little heckling, then don’t wear an opposing teams jersey to a game. It’s that simple. This goes for every opposing stadium in every major sport. I’ve been to a ton of away Eagles games and have taken shit from people at every single one. Usually it’s playful, trash talking, but there’s always going to be that crazy ass hole that starts shit that WANTS a confrontation. That ass hole is in every stadium, at every game. There’s always at least one. There’s certain etiquette or unspoken code about being in another stadium, and some people just don’t get it. If your skin is thin, stay your ass home.

  6. To answer your question Scumbag the Eagles have 0 Super Bowls, but seriously you gotta get something better than that. Do you know home many times we hear that same lame shit. Whaaaaammmy ? Really? Wtf is that you tool what are you 14? You didn’t get nothing here dork no go take care of those kids you had with your cousin. And Yins’ take care out the in the land of 3 rivers

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