Voila_Capture953Interesting that they chose to go to the NY DN and not Philly.

Kelly Hasson Blanchett, Karen Healey-Lange, Christine Giusti and Dale Elsa Norley wrote a piece in the New York Daily News today about Bill Conlin, the man who assaulted them through “digital genital penetration” and other means back in the 60s, 70s and 80s:

How this man got away with his disgusting crimes over the course of so many years is a cautionary tale for families and communities seeking to root out the scourge of sexual predators in their midst.

The first lesson is in personal and group psychology.

Countless adults knew that Conlin was a pedophile. Yet, for more than 40 years, no one went to the police.

Why? Conlin was a sadistic and vengeful man. He was a master at using his large stature, his prestige, his access to sports stars and sporting events and his wealth to prevent his victims (and his victims’ families) from reporting his crimes.

Obviously, most predators don’t wield this type of influence — but many find other ways to quietly intimidate those who might report crimes against children in real time.

We didn’t want money. We wanted him exposed for what he was. We wanted his facade of fame and fortune to crumble in the face of what he had done to the young and most innocent of our society.

A strange sidebar to this story is that, once upon a time, newspapermen were considered to have large stature, fame and fortune, and wield tremendous influence.

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