First time in a while I wanted to hear Wheels talk. He addressed his firing while speaking to Jon Marks and Sean Brace on 97.5 today:

“They did what they felt they wanted to do and that they had to do. I have no idea how their search process went on and I wish Jamie and Matt Stairs the best. They’re two guys I know very, very well. Do I want to still be doing the games? Yeah. Will it hurt? Sure. But, you know what, I’m gonna be 69-years old this year and everybody says it’s about time to go enjoy yourself and have a summer off. I, of course, don’t look at it that way and maybe I will in time but right now it still hurts.”

“It’s kind of weird getting fired by Comcast SportsNet like that, the way they didn’t want us anymore. It’s something that I had to deal with. Once I got past the point and turned the page I figured, ‘Well, hey, I had a great run.’ I had a lot of fun, a lot of people like me, people didn’t like ya but you can only say it one time and you do it your own way for as many years as I did and I just loved being in there.”

I do feel bad for him that the Comcast overlords were the ones who made the decision. That’s shitty any way you slice it.

Audio here.