Claude Giroux Screwed Over Again Because Steve Yzerman is an Idiot

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.03.01 PMFrom CSN Philly:

On Thursday morning, Team Canada opted to replace Lightning forward Steven Stamkos on the Canadian Olympic team with one of his teammates in Tampa Bay — Martin St. Louis.

Both Stamkos and St. Louis play for Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman, who also happens to be in control of Team Canada’s roster.

Bullshit. Tale of the tape:

Claude Giroux: 18 G, 37 A, 55 PTS despite a colossally shitty start and his team not scoring a goal for, like, a month. 26 years old, the future of Team Canada, doesn’t play for Steve Yzerman.

Martin St. Louis: 25 G, 29 A, 54 PTS. 400 years old, his last Olympics for sure, PLAYS FOR STEVE YZERMAN.

I’m questioning whether Yzerman is Canadian since he’s too much of a wuss to pass over St. Louis for a second time. Giroux is too good, too young, too perfect a fit for a team concept when your team is already stacked with firepower. That’s alright, though, angry Claude is going to rampage the league when this is over. If I’m him, I’m hate-watching the Olympics from a dungeon somewhere, crushing 300 lb benches between shifts. Plus, does Y really think Old Man Louis is gonna hold up through the Olympics and the rest of the season? Good luck with that come playoff time. Ohhhh ohhhhh I want the Flyers to play the Lightning.

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39 Responses

  1. Who cares – reports are that Sochi is a craphole and nobody wants to be there anyway.

    Good riddance, concentrate on making the Flyers awesome.

    1. I’ll answer your question with another question: when Kyle posts said story about Beebs getting deported, are you going to read it and then complain about it, like you did here? Got a problem with the content, then gtfo.

  2. Come on Kyle, Marty is the better choice. You can gripe about Giroux being left off in the first place but both him and St. Louis are fine candidates. If the Flyers had an aging star who was elgibile for his last Olympics having a fine season (St. Louis has more goals and he’s replacing the top goal scorer in league), this article would surely read differently.

  3. Seriously, with the shitshow going on in Sochi do you really want a Flyer (or any other NHL player for that matter) being there? I understand the indignation but I’d rather not lose a guy to a staph infection or anything else jumping off toilet seats in that miserable fuckhole.

    1. I agree. I think either one of them would have been a good choice, and now we don’t have to worry about losing the Flyers captain to injury or whatever else may happen in that shit hole. He’ll be playing for Team Canada next time, no doubt in my mind. And hopefully he’ll come back from the break motivated and kick some serious ass.

    1. They may play the same position on the PP, but fill entirely different roles. Giroux is a facilitator, creating plays. Stamkos finished them.

  4. dead wrong kyle. you dont even mention that marty has 54 points without stamkos. plus the team is loaded with centers (getz, toews, sid). marty is a natural wing where giroux would have to shift over. you are in over your head on this one

    1. So tell me, exactly how many Lightning games do you watch per year? Don’t try to get analytical unless you know what you’re talking about. And don’t say “I have the NHL package”, because no, no you don’t. Wtf would you know about St. Louis’ game vs Giroux’s game?

      1. Haha, actually I do have the Center Ice package and I play fantasy hockey so I’m watching games almost every night. Way to make a foolish, judgmental statement.

  5. Who cares about Giroux. Did you see Jillian Mele’s tight ass body in that blue dress yesterday. She has to have large c cups.

  6. Not sure why Kyle seems so upset, what Flyers fan actually wants to see their captain deal with this shit? And if he’s so good wouldn’t you be happy to not have to see him face the US team? I say good – keep him here to rest up and finish strong.

  7. I hope this helps the US win gold. Yzerman should be looking to out the best team on the ice, not coddle the feelings of one of his own NHL team’s players.

    Whatever – let Marty St.Louis go over to Sochi and sleep on one of those rooms with bunk-beds and no shower curtains.

    Let Giroux rest up at home and get ready for the stretch run & the playoffs.

  8. Waaaaaa.
    Flyers player passed over for the privilege of taking a shower with toxic water and no shower curtain, possibly w/a stray dog or hairy Russian woman.
    Get over it.
    Instead he gets to rest and focus on the team he’s paid to play for.
    Yeah, Steve Yzerman is an idiot. Said no one ever.

    Dorothy Mantooth (or Steve Yzerman in this case) is a saint! a saint!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Can’t help but think every NHL GM is shitting bricks about sending their top assets into what looks like corruption with threats at all angles (terrorists, spying, minimal hospitality)
      In the big picture, the Olympians could face getting burnt out come May-June, regardless of the post-season hype surrounding their team. Kyle’s dead on, this is going to light a huge fire under G’s ass and he’s going to be nothing short of phenomenal after the break.
      Stevey Y wasn’t avalible for questioning about him being an idiot and wuss, but I did get one from his rings: “1997,1998,2002,2008. nuffced.”

      1. Yeah, you Philly fans keep on with the spin about Giroux’s snub. Led by your fearless grampa Eddie – “Waah the Olympics suck, we didn’t want him to go anyway, because Russia sucks, security sucks, there’s an injury risk, the rest will do him good, etc, etc”

        Loser talk!


  9. No question Claude should be on this team but so should MSL. Carter, Nash, Kunitz… that’s a different story, none of them belong near this team. But good I say F Canada go USA!

  10. Glad he is off the roster…it is good so that we dont have to hear Giroux to Crosby for the score! Keep him from getting hurt or killed in Russia and stay healthy for the run to the playoffs!

  11. Where are the posts about the female curling teams? Make this happen Kyle.

    Also, who gives a shit about the Canadien Hockey team. USA or nothin at all.

  12. I’m not sure why anyone in Philly wants Giroux on the team? I get why he wants to go but why do we want him to risk getting injured or stale playing fourth line minutes when he could be here, practicing and resting up for the stretch run. Not to mention St. Louis is a natural winger, that scores goals replacing a natural winger that scores goals.

  13. not really Kyle, Marty St. Louis deserves a spot. Now that punk ass bitch Jeff Carter on the other hand? Giroux deserves to be in over him absolutely. I’m sure Carter is bummed he can’t go to Sea Isle over the off season for some La Costa Boobie Touch.

  14. No, Giroux is not on the team because I requested that he NOT be on the team. In case you Philadelphia fans (who I don’t like, by the way) haven’t noticed, I ALWAYS get my way.

    So the credit for Claude’s absence goes to ME, not to Yzerman.

    (Don’t you silly fans have some kind of 40-year anniversary or something to prepare for? Pathetic Philadelphia – always living in the past.


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