Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.03.01 PMFrom CSN Philly:

On Thursday morning, Team Canada opted to replace Lightning forward Steven Stamkos on the Canadian Olympic team with one of his teammates in Tampa Bay — Martin St. Louis.

Both Stamkos and St. Louis play for Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman, who also happens to be in control of Team Canada’s roster.

Bullshit. Tale of the tape:

Claude Giroux: 18 G, 37 A, 55 PTS despite a colossally shitty start and his team not scoring a goal for, like, a month. 26 years old, the future of Team Canada, doesn’t play for Steve Yzerman.

Martin St. Louis: 25 G, 29 A, 54 PTS. 400 years old, his last Olympics for sure, PLAYS FOR STEVE YZERMAN.

I’m questioning whether Yzerman is Canadian since he’s too much of a wuss to pass over St. Louis for a second time. Giroux is too good, too young, too perfect a fit for a team concept when your team is already stacked with firepower. That’s alright, though, angry Claude is going to rampage the league when this is over. If I’m him, I’m hate-watching the Olympics from a dungeon somewhere, crushing 300 lb benches between shifts. Plus, does Y really think Old Man Louis is gonna hold up through the Olympics and the rest of the season? Good luck with that come playoff time. Ohhhh ohhhhh I want the Flyers to play the Lightning.