Curt Schilling Has Cancer

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Well this sucks:

ESPN baseball analyst and former major league pitcher Curt Schilling announced Wednesday that he has cancer.

“I’ve always believed life is about embracing the gifts and rising up to meet the challenges,” Schilling said in a statement released by ESPN. “We’ve been presented with another challenge, as I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer.”

In December, ESPN announced that Schilling would be part of its Sunday Night Baseball broadcast team for the upcoming season. It also announced a multiyear contract extension with him.

ESPN did not say what Schilling’s broadcast plans will be for the upcoming season.

Get well soon, Schil.


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    1. Early talk says testicular, apparently there’s a rare form of testicular cancer that can be spread by sweat. Not many know but during the seventh inning stretch The Krucker and Curt would switch jockstraps if the game was close. Just one of those superstitions who knew that could have horriball repercussions.

      1. what a heartless bastard chad, joking when a mans life has cancer. sad excuse
        for a human being

        1. I have to agree with you John about Chad. AS an avid Yankee fan my whole life, and knowing how much yankee fans hate boston fans, My heart still goes out to Curt. I just lost my husband to cancer and it is no joke!! Anyone joking at this time is a bunch of losers….shows terrible character on their parts for sure..My prayers go out to the shilling family…and this comes from a true CLASSY Yankee fan!!!!!

          1. If you only knew Schilling you’d know that he’s joked plenty about others with illnesses, so fuck him. And he’s given plenty of people lots of reasons to resent him. And having no class is just one of them.

        2. You should have heard Schilling joke about the ALS people he pretended to care about so he could get publicity and tax breaks. He has loads of money still and will get the best treatment out there, so stop with the pity party. Spare a thought for all those who are ill and don’t have the money to get good treatment or any treatment.

        3. If you only knew the heartless shit Schilling did and said and joked about others, maybe your outrage would subside a little. It is mean, but karma’s a bitch.

    1. REALLY????? Faking cancer???? Clueless.

      Those who are saying Schilling is faking it probably never had a family member or a close friend, e.g., have cancer, and then maybe with a very ill-attempt of humor, throw out a comment like that. Ignorant.

      1. Got any proof that the big Schill actually has cancer? I doubt he’s faking it, but he’s such an egomaniac, it wouldn’t shock me. The man CRAVES attention and would do a lot to get it.

    2. You’re an ignorant miserable mean-spirited POS Candy from the Oak and may the Lord smite your fat ass with an even worse disease than Cancer.

    1. You are a coward. It would be lovely if you made yourself public so we can get a good look. At that point we can try and figure out who you are and go from that point forward.

      1. I know. So many people with cancer and nothing like the money and support system Schilling has. He has a better chance than most at beating whatever illness he gets. People always rally around a celebrity, but don’t give a shit about the rest of the suffering people in the world.

      2. Fuck you. Someone who had cancer but not the money and fame of Schilling and you want to fuck them up for being bitter about this fucking pity parade for the dude who has the money to get the best medical treatment available. You probably think you’re a Christian, too.

  1. Schilling needs a new cause to fund raise for,
    His wife and his kids weren’t enough.
    ESPN should pair him with Mike Miss and have two humps for one price.

  2. City of Philadelphia and Phillies looking at major damages if it can be proven that Vet was contributor or cause of cancer.

  3. I knew it was already true but after reading your comments on this story just confirmed it….90% of you are sad sacks of shit.

    Get well soon Schil.

  4. Shitty to hear, why is it guys like Dutch and Shil get cancer and somehow Mike Miss and Sean Brace are still alive. Life’s not fair.

    1. Actually “Shil” here ripped off tons of money from Rhode Island and caused many families to be left jobless, many of them with 2 mortgages since he lied and promised to sell their previous homes when they followed him to RI for their job with 38 studios. After buying new homes in RI at an inflated price due to the influx of 38 studio employees impacting that local market they are left with homes they can’t sell without taking a loss as well as owning their old homes still, oh yeah, while being unemployed. So I don’t know how horrible MM and SB are but “Shil” sure as hell is no saint. Dude probably karma’d himself into having cancer come to think of it. I just lost a loved one to cancer and it’s a horrible disease. I still wish him the very best.

      1. Your Mother; Schilling started a business that he hoped would turn a profit and help the people of Rhode Island. It didn’t work out. He lost something like $25 million or more of his own money. Rhode island listened to his sales pitch and agreed that it was a winner. It just didn’t happen. It wasn’t for lack of effort. Business’s fail all the time. He lost more money than anybody on this deal. In no way does this make him a bad person. He might not be a saint, but he is better than most.

        1. Why exactly is he better than most? Because he lost a personal $25mil on a project fueled completely by his rampaging ego? I’m doubt his concern for the economy of Rhode Island was real high on his priority list. I’m sorry that he or anyone has to suffer through cancer, but Curt has a long and detailed track record of being a “me first” jerk that can’t easily be sugar coated.

        2. i understand both of your perspectives here, but schilling’s failed business venture does not make him an evil person. its not as though he is guilty of embezzlement or a running a ponzie scheme. while i feel bad for those affected by the the failure of his company, those people took a voluntary risk being as no one forced them to pick up and move there. in the end, it was unfortunate that it did not work out for him, them, and everyone associated with 38 studios. however, i think many involved with the situation resent schilling because he had a nice cushy job to fall back on at ESPN while the vast majority were left to rot in the despair of the failed business venture. so, i do get that point too. in the end, i wish schilling all the best. as much as i despise MM, sean brace, etc, i do not wish cancer on them. anyone who has had experience with it knows that it sucks and would never wish it on anyone.

          1. Employees were lied to, plain and simple. They were recruited and had promises made to them when the company knew it couldn’t keep them.

            ““I’d like to honestly know why I was hired in the first place on January 16th, 2012…when members of the company knew they were behind on bills and not doing well economically? I moved my pregnant wife, sold my house for a loss of 18k, relocated away from all my family and friends for a company I thought was honest and forthright to their employees. What did I get in return? An unpaid [$10,500] relocation package months after it should have been paid, a pregnant wife who found out our insurance had lapsed from our doctor, a ton of bounced checks and payments to bills when we found out our paychecks had not been paid through the media and a large debt to my unemployed father to help us survive.”

      2. Na, I agree that Mike Miss and Sean Brace are far worse than Schilling. Carl, right on the money.

      3. Good for you for speaking the truth. But, apparently it’s not cool to fail to worship the big Schill. Nobody cares about the lives affected by his BS, but they cry for poor the schill.

      4. So true! I know a number of people who actually know Schilling and the bottom line is that he is one of the biggest egomaniacs the world has ever known. The way he made fun of the ALS people he used to make himself look generous (tax write-offs!) and the way he constantly used people, as if they should do for him because, you know, he’s Curt Schilling!!! I don’t wish cancer on anyone, but he still has loads of dough and he will get the best medical treatment available. So many others with cancer will not and he doesn’t give a shit about them. (Nor do these Schilling fanboys.)

        1. So, since you seem to be familiar with the supposed comments Schilling made in making fun of ALS patients, please share one specific instance and specific date/place. I’ll be sure to send Shonda a note to let her know. Oh, be sure to include your actual name and address so the Schillings’ lawyer can subpoena you.

          In the meantime, I wish Curt well – just as I would and do anyone I know who has cancer, no matter their socio-economic status.

  5. The curse of the vet.
    It got vuk, Dutch, Todd Pratt, tug,
    Reggie white, kevin turner & Andre Walters

  6. what about Mike Schmidt? heard he was sick last week too and can’t attend spring training. hopefully its not as serious as cancer.

  7. Instead of listening to WIP and 97.5, both of which are awful anymore, I began listening to vivid radio on Sirius where guys call in and work themselves off while engaging in friendly dialogue with working girls.

  8. why the f does he need to “announce” it? Sorry for the guy and all that, but people these days are stupid. Keep it to yourself.

    1. Red Light Curt can’t bear staying out of the camera range. He badly needs attention at all times.


    1. If you knew the way Curt made fun of the ALS people he used for publicity purposes and tax write-offs, you wouldn’t be so eager to defend him.

      1. DeadhamHeat, just because you keep repeating yourself does not make your points factual. He never made fun of ALS, if he did prove it, you scumbag

  10. Now he can be buried in Massachusetts, in Red Saux uniform, bloody sox and all. He always wanted to be a red sox for life, now his wish comes true! Pin the funeral tab on the state of Rhode Island.

  11. I would agree about the Vet connection, but Schill’s has been revealed as throat cancer, which is most likely caused by his dipping/tobacco use.

  12. Wow, the Jon and Sean show is just awful. Completely worthless.

    Cuz and Rob just talking about what Cuz watched on TV the night before. Great! Mob movies since he’s from the mean streets of Washington Twp.

    Bring in Kincaide and Czaban, the current lineups suck.

  13. Kyle

    You may be out of power but you can still update your blog from any mobile device. DO SOME FREAKING WORK FOR ONCE.


      1. NO fuck you! Talk to the people who actually know Schilling and you will hear the truth about this douchebag. Sorry he has cancer, but what about all the non famous people with cancer? It’s stupid celebrity worship.

    1. We won’t know til we know how bad it is. He doesn’t give a shit about other people’s problems (unless he can get publicity for pretending to), so why should we care about his?

    1. Actually I had a friend that worked in a wings place in Chester Co. when Schill still lived there. Curt came in one day and asked for 300 wings “pronto”. When told that would take about twenty minutes due to the other orders they already had in front of him Curt said “what a fucking joke” and left. Curt’s kind of a cunt.

      1. Exactly!!! So many stories out there from people who actually had to deal with this egomaniac, and they show him for the selfish, self-centered, jerkoff he is. These people who know only what Curt’s PR wants them to know think they actually know him!! Hilarious.

  14. could this site have any more stupid ads. the ux on here is horrible and these ads left and right are so dumb.

  15. Best wishes to Curt Schilling and btw 97.5 should offer me Mike Missanellis’ time slot.

    1. Kyle probably gets more page views when he doesn’t post anything until late in the morning.
      Everyone keeps checking in to see if a new story is up yet!

  16. Kyle, please expose the fucking troll that keeps stealing peoples handles and trolling this site. They’re fucking annoying.

  17. There will always be bad and ignorant people who have to mock and ridicule successful people to overcome their own insecurities and lack of talent or abilities. Just ignore them. Curt is one of the good guys. If they caught this cancer early enough I have faith he will be ok.

    1. Take note, also, that the people you claim ridicule the “successful” don’t ridicule everyone who’s successful. I cheer for many less and more successful than Schilling, because the deserve it. He does not.

  18. Candy from the Oak, you are a sorry excuse for a human being. I had cancer and believe me bitch, noone fakes cancer. I hope one day you get it up your ass and and it is beyond repair. Leave Curt alone. Hasn’t the poor guy gone through enough shit already. Too many haters out there.

    1. Says the survivor wishing cancer on someone else. Get back to bed barb and await your relapse.

    2. Oh, yeah, pooooooooooor Curt. What an awful life he’s had to endure!!!! Millions of actually poor, sick, unfortunate people in this world and you feel proud of yourself for caring about the millionaire asshole. Fuck you.

  19. After reading these comments I am truly ashamed to be a member of the human race. How do you people live with yourselves? What is wrong with you? Seriously.

    1. Yes, but then you realize they are just hundreds of Sean Brace wannabees, but without access to a microphone. All their manical raving makes sense then.


    2. Schilling has given lots of people good reason to hate him because he’s a pompous ass who doesn’t give a shit about most of the rest of the people in the world. He is an egomaniac and a lot of people who really know him will tell you he’s not what his PR wants you to believe he is.

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