Voila_Capture 2014-02-25_09-00-00_AM Voila_Capture 2014-02-25_09-00-34_AMPassionate. Intense. Expertly tanking.

Is anyone even remotely upset that the Sixers have crashed so hard that they’ve essentially become the Indians in Major League just before coach Brown introduced the cardboard cutout of Rachel? I’d say we’re a week or two away from, well, coach Brown doing the same thing with a life-size replica of one of minority owner Marc Leder’s floozies… but that would assume that anyone on the roster, Brown included, is even remotely interested in, you know, not giving up 130 points to the Bucks like the Sixers did last night.

The tank is in full swing, folks. Please be sure your lifejackets are secure.

Danny Granger, who was traded to the Sixers last week, has absolutely, positively zero interest in playing for this heaping mound of burning tire rubber. So he’s demanded a buyout. And he’s going to get it.

High school student Jake Pavorsky (really) reports, via Michael Levin at Liberty Ballers:

For Danny’s destination, the Jakes are hearing the Miami Heat is likely, New York probably not, San Antonio might be, and OKC is a chance also.

In terms of a buyout agreement, we don’t know anything yet. Doubt Granger has much leverage in those talks since he wants to get as far away from Philadelphia as possible, so it’ll probably be smallish. We’ll see how that affects the all-non-important salary cap floor when those figures get released.

Granger doesn’t want to be here and the Sixers don’t want to risk his ability leading to wins. They’ll pay him to get lost. He has to sign with a contender by Saturday in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

You got to love a world in which a player can demand his employer pay him to go away and that’s the best business decison for said employer. TOGETHER WE BUILD.