Eagles Sign Jeremy Maclin to One-Year Extension

Voila_Capture 2014-02-28_04-47-32_PMHowie Roseman isn’t fucking around this week. The Eagles announced today that they extended Jeremy Maclin on a one-year deal worth $5.5 million and up to $6 million.

Jeff McLane points out that Maclin will make more next year than Riley Cooper, which may indicate who the Eagles think will be their number two receiver. But. But Cooper signed a multi-year extension, Maclin didn’t. If Maclin is close to what he was before his injury, than he’s probably the number two. But if he starts off slow, it’ll be Cooper.

Good video on Eagles website about Maclin’s injury narrated by Scott Graham, who’s now the voice for anything within a 40-mile radius of Philadelphia. He’s the only guy who can make a round of golf sound profound.

UPDATE: Love this:


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  1. Love it! This receiving group is going to be straight up nasty. D Jacc and Maclin splitting the field deep and Coop over the middle. O-Line should stay strong. Foles is going to have a field day.

    Go Birds.

  2. was this a new deal or extension. I thought Maclin’s old deal was done so this is a brand new one right? McLane cracks me up because he is just trying to justify his story that Eagles prioritized Maclin over Cooper which was unfounded. WIP says Maclin deal is 1 year $3m with incentives to $6m and Cooper was $10m guaranteed right? So Coopers deal is bigger no?

  3. Maclin said on WIP specifically that the Birds offered him 5 years but they couldn’t agree on the financials. He said after that, they wanted 2 and he wanted 1.

  4. Does anyone else smell a major let down season for the Eagles this year? Sort of like 2013 was fake, with the Eagles winning largely based on luck and an easy schedule?

    1. Let down this season? You’ve never won anything… You’ve been let down your entire life.

      1. You gotta give that one to him Informed, that was pretty funny.

        I actually agree with you though, the Seagulls are a fraud. Either that or they’re going to be amazing. No one remembers that the NFC East is usually not that much of a train wreck, just like they don’t remember JvR sucked while he was here and probably didn’t want to play here.

        1. No, I remember damn well how bad JVR was here. Kid was soft as shit. He was on the Jagr/G line originally and couldn’t fucking score for shit, and then fucking Hartnell goes and drops 60 points.

    2. People who are still using the “easy schedule” argument 11 years after the NFL standardized their schedules should be shot.

    3. Yep.

      The Eagles caught every single break imaginable and to their credit they took advantage of it, but don’t bet on it happening again.

      8-8 next year.

  5. I WOULD STILL DRAFT A RECEIVER IN THE DRAFT. Maclin is no guarantee with the injury and this draft off the charts at wr.
    I also am very skeptical of deShawn with his situation and how he don’t shows up in games. They still need a stud receiver

  6. Maclin’s smart to take that deal, unless he blows out his knee. His motivation for the big payday could be epic for the Seagulls.

  7. Eagles have done an excellent job so far this season and the best is yet to come. Free Agency and the draft. Now they can build a great defense.

  8. Eagles 2014 schedule prediction:

    Home games
    Vs Seattle loss
    VsCarolina Win
    Vs Dallas win
    Vs NY Giants win
    VS St. Louis win
    Vs Tennessee win
    Vs Jacksonville win
    Vs Washington win

    Away games
    @ San Fran loss
    @ Indianapolis loss
    @ Arizona win
    @ Green Bay win
    @ Dallas loss
    @NY Giants win
    @ Washington win
    @ Houston easy easy win

    Final record 12wins 4losses.

    1. Wow, you put entirely too much work into that post. No one cares, and it’s way to early to estimate their results.


  9. i heard g cobb was his agent, he couldn’t figure out 4 minus 3, maclin fired him, he is now running for congress, , good line rhea, lol

  10. I agree with the people saying next year with be a down year. Expectations are just way too high for this team. Theyre going to compete for a division probably. But last year they stayed healthy for the most part aside from Maclin and Vick which didnt matter. They faced an array of backup QBs. A Rodger-less Packers is a complete gift as well as that Bears game. Once they fell behind just a little bit they laid down bc the game didnt matter. Thats two possible wins that couldve easily been losses and theres your 8-8 team. Hopefully were wrong though as Chip and Foles continue to impress

    1. How exactly was that bears game a gift? The Bears had everything to play for and we wiped the floor with them. It’s not like they weren’t trying. They weren’t resting starters. Also, it didn’t even matter because we had to go beat Dallas the next week regardless.

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