Frank Caliendo’s Richard Sherman 30 for 30 Mockumentary is the Best Thing He’s Ever Done

I didn’t think Frank Caliendo had any funny left in him. His impersonations have always been very good, but as a comedian he’s not particularly funny. So what you’re often left with, in Caliendo skits, is a cringe-worthy piece with funny characters saying unfunny things. But this time… this time he nailed. I think someone else wrote the script for Caliendo here, though. And that’s OK.

Is it just me, or does Caliendo’s Bill Belichick look and sound an awful lot like a Phillip Seymour Hoffman character?

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3 Responses

  1. He was spot on…i thought i was done laughing at that cornball 4 years ago…loved his jaws…always hated jaws acting like he knows it all with his leather skin

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