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oshie t-shirtJust set the puck down there at center ice and go again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Get the limited edition Oshie 2014 t-shirt. We’re doing one batch of these and that’s it. Printed on Anvil high-quality ringspun cotton t-shirt. For super quick checkout, pay with PayPal. Get one.

Voila_Capture 2014-02-15_06-07-53_PM

And if you don’t like ours, or just want to double your pleasure, then be sure to check out Philly Phaithful’s TJ Sochi jam:

Voila_Capture 2014-02-15_05-56-44_PM

You can grab one of those bad boys here.

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39 Responses

  1. Dude why are you doing this? The game, while fun, means nothing in terms of medaling, which is what matters. Much like the snow bowl shirt, this tee will mean nothing if USA doesn’t medal. Jinx. Do annoying

    1. I’ll tell you why he’s doing it.

      He’s a fucking thief, that’s why.

      $25 for. Shirt that cost $6 to make. 400% markup.


      Kyle is a dick.

  2. Are you going to try and profit off of every single global event now, Kyle? The Philly centric ones, ok, opportunistic and relevant, we get it. This one just feels unbecoming.

  3. This is pathetic on your part Kyle,not even the media members who are actually in Sochi have attempted to profit off this kids’ success,you on the other hand have proven that you are willing to do anything for a buck,no matter how despicable it is.

  4. From a professional graphic designer and type enthusiast, the “e” oshie is cringe-worthy. Please, don’t just hack stuff together yourself in Illustrator. Please let someone who knows a thing or two about type work on your “logos”.

  5. I have to agree with the above sentiments. Instead of blog posts, now we are going to be bombarded with a t-shirt anytime something borderline meaningful happens in sports?

    Were you watching this game with cash register sounds going off in the background during the shootout? Anything to make a quick few bucks, right?

  6. I don’t begrudge Kyle being able to make a buck and I think of the design of the shirt as clever….. But it really doesn’t mean anything re: medals. National pride is nice but let’s not take a myopic view of this tournament, which has only just started.

    1. Scratch that. When are the Phil Kessel hat trick in game 3 of pool play shirts coming out? Just throw a Sochi 2014 stamp on there and get those bad boys printed!!!

  7. Ok enough with the shirts! When are u releasing Mikey M I’m back shirts? Or ” that’s beautiful ” cuz shirt. Stop embarrassing your self. Save the shirts when important events happen skippy

  8. Step 1: Hear T.J. Oshie’s name for the first time.
    Step 2: Design a $25 jizz rag the same day.
    Step 3: Hear Phil Kessel’s name for the first time.
    Step 4: Repeat.

  9. You guys are all really big idiots. First of all, complaining about someone trying to make money running a business makes you all sound like communists. You realize this isn’t a public service or charity right? If you don’t like the shirt don’t buy it. It’s pretty fucking simple. I see people complain if the sites not updated that much on weekends and then they get pissed because the guy you want to work on weekends is making money. Second, this was the biggest moment of the Olympics, got national attention and a tweet from President Obama, it’s certainly worth the attention. Third, its a pretty sweet design playing on the center ice logo with the puck on it. Pick something else to whine about if you want to complain.

    1. Kyle…I mean Joe,

      No one is complaining about someone running a business to make money. Everyone is aware that this isn’t a public service. That being said, you don’t need to capitalize on the littlest of things just to make a buck. U.S. wins the gold? Sure, make a shirt to commemorate the accomplishment. The win against the Russians in game 2 of pool play was the biggest moment in the Olympics? Yeah, try tell that to the rest of the Olympians of there who have trained for years to get to where they are, especially the ones who have gone on to medal already. It’s the Olympics bud, everything is getting national attention from all angles. I’m actually surprised Kyle hasn’t made a shirt about the bobsledder getting stuck in elevators and bathrooms yet.

    2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a buck. There is something wrong with trying to monetize every piece of sports as a memory. Also, I hate to break it to you but the site is monetized already. Kyle bitches about’s setup but this is nearly as bad. Pagewidth is barely over 600 pixles and blanketed with two vertical adsense ads. Oh, not to mention the shitty google survey content lockers. The best part is that 80% of the posts he makes are blogspam aka repackaging someone else’s original content as your own in order to get pageviews. There is hardly anything original on this site. Hell, even the Oshie t-shirts were done better on another site that Kyle linked to (with an affiliate tag of course).

  10. Lately when I come to this site, I feel like I’m at CafePress instead. Stick to sports….this T-shirt pushing crap for any occurrence that gets slight media attention is getting ridiculous and desperate.

  11. this is America people — it called being an entrepreneur and being on the cutting edge! how much do you think things are marked up in your local retail store? take an economics class. Who cares if that game didn’t count for a medal? for those who were glued to the TV in 1980 that game was as close as we could get to reliving that moment — I don’t know what else you have done Kyle, but good for you and I am sure your mom is very proud! I would be!

  12. I don’t think it is the fact that he is trying to make money that upsets anyone, at least it shouldn’t. For me it is more that I don’t come here to buy a T-shirt and never will, regardless of how witty or clever it may be (which I dont find any of them to be). I understand the idea behind Kyle doing it, you see a friend wearing a t-shirt you like and say ‘hey where did you get that?’ It becomes free advertising for his site. I just personally will never buy one.

  13. I’m guessing the same people complaining about Kyle trying to make a profit on this event would whore off their own daughters for the privilege to watch 3 hours of commercials during an NFL game…effin’ Michael Sams.

  14. What all you idiots dont get is that regardless if this game didn’t “matter” in terms of actually winning a gold it will STILL be one of the highlights of the entire Olympic games. So for the same reason they sell shirts at sporting events, concerts, etc. this is a great souvenir. Something to remember these 2014 Olympics. Sure winning the Gold medal will be a bigger moment, but Oshie’s performance will still be one of the things we all remember regardless of the outcome. So go be a hater somewhere else you losers.

  15. We purchased one of your OSHIE – TEE SHIRTS. Can you confirm when we will received it? I have sent emails and no response. I will request a refund if I do not hear back from you this week. thank you.

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