Good News! Chooch Has Permission to Take the Drug that Makes Him Hit .325

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Bob Brookover today wrote about a storyline that flew under the radar this offseason– Carlos Ruiz has permission to take Adderall, something he didn’t have in 2012 when he batted .325 before being suspended in the offseason:

He is among a growing number of major-league players with an exemption. According to a joint release by MLB and the Players Association in November, a record total of 122 therapeutic exemptions were granted last season, including 119 for ADHD. That number is a controversial one because it means that roughly 10 percent of major-league players have a diagnosis of ADHD, much higher than the 4.4 percent reported among the United States’ general population.

Regardless, the fact that Ruiz is again able to get the help he believes he needs is good for the Phillies.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” Ruiz said before the Phillies’ first full-squad spring training workout of the Ryne Sandberg era. “I’m fine and I feel great. I know it was reported, but that’s something that is personal. I’m great now.”

Does this make up for a 57-point dip in batting average? Probably not. But it can’t hurt. And we so happy Chooch so happy.

Meanwhile, Brookover was very wrong with this statement:

It’s understandable that Ruiz does not want to talk about it. Former Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino, who also requires medication for ADHD, exercised the same philosophy.


Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.28.55 PMRight.

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  1. It took this long for the fucking team to find him a Dr. to write him a prescription for ADDEROL!?

    The fuck is wrong with this team…

  2. If every Phillie juiced this season they would win it all. Hopefully they do and worry about the consequences later.

  3. Ha ha ha! their draft picks don’t even want to play for them. And they have a very bad tv contract. plus players that make a ton of money that just mail it in. To bad this team and ownership just don’t relocate maybe to Montreal

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