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Court papers in the ongoing legal battle between the Paternos and the NCAA reveal that Jay Paterno, that fountain of football knowledge and nepotism, applied for heading coaching positions at UCONN, Boston College, James Madison and Colorado. [The excerpt is via Ryan Beckler.]

Jay claims that he wasn’t considered for the jobs because the NCAA dragged his good name through the mud. Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Jay, knowing full-well that he would likely never work in college football again because no one takes him seriously, applied just so he could use the denial in a lawsuit. Smart tactic. In fact, I, too, have applied for a football heading coaching position. I submitted my name to the Browns (because they would), but since I never heard back, I’m suing the assholes in the comments who slander me. It’s their fault. This is fun, Jay! FUN!

Anyway, enough about Jay. WHERE’S BIG SCOTT?