Jay Paterno Applied to Be a Real, Actual Head Football Coach!

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Court papers in the ongoing legal battle between the Paternos and the NCAA reveal that Jay Paterno, that fountain of football knowledge and nepotism, applied for heading coaching positions at UCONN, Boston College, James Madison and Colorado. [The excerpt is via Ryan Beckler.]

Jay claims that he wasn’t considered for the jobs because the NCAA dragged his good name through the mud. Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Jay, knowing full-well that he would likely never work in college football again because no one takes him seriously, applied just so he could use the denial in a lawsuit. Smart tactic. In fact, I, too, have applied for a football heading coaching position. I submitted my name to the Browns (because they would), but since I never heard back, I’m suing the assholes in the comments who slander me. It’s their fault. This is fun, Jay! FUN!

Anyway, enough about Jay. WHERE’S BIG SCOTT?


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  1. As a former JMU Duke, I am glad Jay Paterno didn’t get to coach anywhere near Harrisonburg and I stayed diddle-free.

  2. From a strictly football perspective, he will struggle to get another job. He was the QB coach. PSU got some unreal QB recruits and he couldn’t develop a single one.

  3. A friend of mine is a Penn Stater from a Penn State family and used to attend Sandusky football camps. About 10-15 years back, I can remember him telling us that Sandusky was accused of touching kids, etc. I never even really thought about it again until this was brought up a few years ago. My point is, if a 12 year old playing football on his buddy’s lawn in a Philadelphia suburb knew about Jerry Sandusky being accused of touching kids, how could Joe Paterno have possibly NOT KNOWN?

    Couldn’t be more clear to people outside of State College that Paterno knew what was going on and was involved with covering it for the sake of his program. Now the family continues to bring the story into the news in an attempt to clear his name. Seems to me they just keep reminding everyone. Drag it through the courts enough times and you might “win” eventually, but anyone with any sense has already made up their minds. As the head of the program, and one of the most powerful men in the state, how could he NOT have known?

    My friend and his family are all deniers, despite knowing themselves for a decade. I see the same things from other Penn Staters I know, who are otherwise rational and intelligent people. Penn State is in trouble because of this mindset, and it was clear long before this fiasco came about.

      1. Gotta give me more than that. Or am I just a moron because I said something bad about Joe Paterno?

  4. The only positions this guy is “extremely well-qualified” for is sitting on his ass and entering a blueberry pie eating contest. Maybe he can Davey Hogan the NCAA?

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