Johnny Weir Gives Not One Fuck What Putin Thinks

Voila_Capture1189 Voila_Capture1190You gotta love Johnny Weir. This week, when the gay rights conversation is at an all-time high, he is trolling the Jesus Christ out of Vladimir Putin* and Russian authorities right in their own backyard.

*I’m fully aware that Weir would wear this sort of getup to the Exton Mall on a Tuesday afternoon, but it’s so much better when it’s in Russia.


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  1. So….. A flaming queer, wears gayest thing he could on worldwide stage. How disrespectful to yourself and your countrymen. its the world stage. Act and dress respectable and represent your country, and not make a political statement.

      1. Having freedom is great but it doesnt mean one should go out and act like an asshole. Act like you’ve been there before and show respect for the international stage.

        Just like i criticized serena williams for crip walking after winning the gold medal.

        1. He’s an announcer. He’s not performing this year. Maybe do a little research before your ignorant rants. You know, act like you have been there before an all that.

          Have you followed anything about what is going on in Russia? They have been arresting people for speaking their minds.

          1. I know he’s an announcer. Doesn’t mean he is not representing the US as a former USO athlete. I graduated from Villanova. Still means I represent the school every time I go out and bring up the university name or wear clothes with ‘Nova on it.

            Yes, I have been following it. I know that there are anti-homosexual legislation being put out there, that gay pride parades in Russia and Eastern Europe are being interrupted by protesters and are beating activists.I realize they are jailing gays and criminalizing their behavior.

            The Olympics have nothing to do with Russia. Russia is the host country. Political statements are not to be made by athletes. That should be reflective of announcers/color commentators/dignitaries/etc and they should remain apolitical until the games are over. In fact, I was pissed that Russia put the anti-obama folks as part of the flame lighting ceremony and pissed at the US by making the leaders of our contingency homosexuals on purpose. Even Freedom of Speech has Time, Place, and Manner restrictions. The Olympic Games are not the place to discuss issues or publicly fight about disagreements on one nations policies. Thats what the UN, the internet, and 24/7 cable news shows are for.

          2. Maybe you should follow your own advice. You are bragging about going to Villanova. But then everything you say is stupid. That makes it look like people who go to Villanova are stupid.

        2. Wow, this. What a closed minded thing to say. How is he acting like an asshole? There is a reason why their are so many international protests concerning Russia’s non tolerance of homosexuals… Look at the bigger picture

    1. Sorry, that guy, but you are missing the point. BTW, your own girl friend thinks weir is hotter than you. Go shopping.

      PS, I’s straight, but not a scared straight!

      mcget — from philly, where freedom happened!

    1. Yes because God wishes to kill any man who may be gay. What about women who are?(rolls eyes) So you believe everything written by the hands of men in power huh? That’s probably an ill advised way to live.

    2. I hope God has mercy on your soul for that Chickie & Pete’s trip last week (Leviticus 11:10), Kyle Scotts tshirts that I assume are a mix blend of materials (Leviticus 19:19), or tattooes (Leviticus 19:28).

      Ohhhhhh we only read the parts of the Bible we want to hear? LOL

  2. What a clown! If he really wanted to prove how tuff he is, he would anonymously post tuff guy rants on message boards!

  3. I’m gonna start running around screaming how proud I am to be a white, straight, middle-class American. I wonder how long it will take before all the PC fags (not derogatory) say I’m a bigoted racist.

    1. Please do. I would love to see your “Delco and Proud” parade. I look forward to your tribute to jorts and Ed Hardy knock-off cologne from Marshall’s. Maybe you can get 3 Doors Down to play.

    2. the fact that you are calling people fags proves that you are in fact a bigot. what a fucking dumb ass. I mean really dude take a step back and really think about what you just said.

  4. what a non story. this is all a big ramp up to Hillary 2016. (google Huma Abedin…wife of Anthony Oscar Meyer Weiner)

    Putin walked away with Robert Krafts Super Bowl Ring….ex KGB guys can do that.

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