Keith Olbermann Killed it Again Last Night, Skewering Russia for Sochi Strays

Still dead serious that I’ll put up $1,000 if someone can figure out how to bring some of those dogs over here for adoption.


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  1. I would leave immediately. We should pull all of our athletes out. Now. What a fucking mess.

    1. I agree. At what point does this farce become too much? Killing of lovely dogs, spying the the showers (and presumably everywhere else) and an absolutely frightening level of bigotry. I am ashamed that we as a country, be it from our IOC to the individual athletes haven’t said ‘enough is enough’.

    1. What the fuck happened to me, remember when I used to be relevant? Oh right, I tossed my career in the bin provided.

  2. One more example of this fucked up world we live in.

    “There are no devils in hell, they are all here” Shakespeare

  3. I’d still like to know in what fucking universe did this IOC vote to give the Olympic games to Sochi, Russia? That is probably the biggest travesty of this whole mess.

  4. Kyle – It’s been pointed out to you several times to help homeless pets here instead of trying to gather more from around the world. You sound like a moron.

    Now – can we get more pics of smoking hot sochi dentist chick who looks alarmingly like all the girls in eastern bloc porn ?

  5. Kyle, great news buddy! I just talked to the Philadelphia ASPCA, and they’ve agreed to back my new charity Doggie Come Home. We’re immediately going to start brining the dogs here to the US as soon as we get the funds. We haven’t filed anything official yet to get recognized–such a hassle and we need to get those cute dogs here ASAP– so you can just make your $1,000 check out to me, Don Tollefson. Thanks for caring!! 🙂

  6. We’ve got homeless, hungry HUMAN BEINGS all across this country and this city, but you want to give $1,000 of your lazily-earned money to help cute little Russian puppies you saw on the internet? Dog people are almost as bad as penn state people. Get a grip.

    1. You’re a dumb ass. People made/make their choices. They have the ability to walk into a shelter or a hospital or pick up phone and call for help. What the fuck is that dog gonna do, borrow a marker and pan handle for kibble? Dick.

  7. Red Paw Emrgency Relief Team, who, is actually active and relevant in our area would be a great landing spot for your grand Kyle. Check them out.

  8. if Keith had his liberal way, we’d have a socialist shithole here too

    Putin personally handed out a lot of the contracts in Sochi.. who would have thought that could go wrong…

  9. Majority of the people who troll this website under fake names are pathetic. You’re hating on Kyle because he wants to put money to good use ? He’s a stooge? Let me ask you people something, how many of you work part time jobs and still live at home with your parents? Get a life. It’s embarrassing. Fake names just to trash Kyle or other media people? Hahah. Lazily earned money? You people sit online all day and berate the stories on this site, yet continue to comment and read anyway. Get of your phones or parents computers and get a job scumbags. Kyle, make the donation happen. It’s a disgrace what is happening with those dogs, but I agree with some comments there are terrible things happening to dogs here that need attention too. So if this doesn’t work look into others.

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