Marcus Vick Wants to Fight DMX and George Zimmerman, Doesn’t Get the Whole Gay Thing


In case you haven’t heard, Damon Feldman has called off a planned boxing match between DMX and George Zimmerman. It sounds like Damon is done with Zimmerman all together. Which is a shame, because Zimmerman does need someone to kick his ass. Marcus Vick would like to be that someone:

Voila_Capture1175 Voila_Capture1176Marcus loved discussing those racial issues surrounding the Zimmerman trial. But when it comes to gay rights? Marcus no care:

Voila_Capture1178 Voila_Capture1177

I’m not sure if he dismissing it because someone being gay isn’t really a big deal (hint: it’s not). Or maybe he’s just an idiot and doesn’t grasp why this particular someone is a big deal. Probably the latter.

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31 Responses

  1. Vick is right on the gay thing … quit trying to be special because you suck a dick. Just be gay at home, go to your job … DO your job … go home and be gay. Who gives a shit.

    1. You guys are upset with me for pushing a fan then check out Boston Celtics great Cedric Maxwell attacking a fan at the Spectrum during the 1981 ECF.

      Just go to youtube and type in Cedric Maxwell fight and its the 6th video on the page entitled Celtics@Sixers80’s and the melee starts at the 3:30 mark and you tell me which was worse.

  2. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I agree with Marcus.

    I don’t care that he’s gay.

    I look forward to the day where it actually doesn’t matter.

  3. “Why being openly black deserve so much attention? Jackie Robinson be all over the sports section of my newspapers. That crazy. SMH… #hithomeruns”

  4. I’m with Marcus. I don’t give a damn about a person’s sexual orientation. He shouldn’t need to “come out”. And he sure as hell doesn’t need a media frenzy just because he has. Yay, a hero!!! He plays football and he’s (gasp) Gay!! wooo woooo! (swings around jock stap like a rally towel)

  5. I couldn’t care less if a dude is gay. Meanwhile every time someone comes out in America it’s headline news, while we should be focused on much more important topics other than how Sams gets his nut off, like our failing infrastructure or economy. Bible belt retards need to die off.

    1. Ummm, bible belt retards are NOT who is plastering this all over the media. It’s the left leaning media pandering to who they pander to.

      1. Ummm, maybe the far left makes it a story because the far right continues to do stuff like this:

        “Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) will speak at a fundraising dinner this week honoring Mat Staver, an ardent anti-gay activist who has defended Malawi’s ban on homosexuality. Staver is suing New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie for signing a law banning gay-to-straight conversion therapy, and has said that teaching gay rights in schools is tantamount to “sexual assault.”

        1. Umm, you do realize that Christie is a republican? If Rubio wants to stand by the side of an anti gay activist, I also don’t really care about that either. And it’s not headline news.

          You see, We must protect the rights of everyone, not just the select few YOU wish to support. Rubio has the right to say what he wants and to support who he wants, to pander to his electorates. I may think he’s an idiot, but the majority cuban / old as hell electorate base in Fla probably loves it. America ain’t perfect, but you can move to suit your tastes.

  6. I agree that whether Sam is gay or not SHOULDN’T be newsworthy. But when you have NFL executives saying it will hurt his draft stock and be an issue in the lockerroom- that’s why it’s newsworthy. It was going to take this happening to get to the point where it’s not news. But this HAD to happen first. If you don’t understand why that is, you’re likely a bigot who just doesn’t want to hear about a lifestyle you don’t approve of.

    I second the notion that this is the best possible story to come out on the day of Missanelli’s return.

    1. People who don’t care about a football player being gay are bigots? MMMkay, this is why we will never come to a place where it doesn’t matter anymore. Don’t care = Bigots to you. I hope your face rots off from a fungal virus.

      He’s just a dude who likes dudes instead of women. That’s it. We don’t need to make a big deal and get all gushy about it to prove we are accepting of that lifestyle. Most people don’t give damn one way or the other.

      1. Reading comprehension wasn’t your strong suit in school, was it?

        I never said if you don’t care about a football player being gay that you’re a bigot- because you’re not, and we’re hopefully getting to the point where no one cares. I said if you don’t understand why it’s a story, you’re likely a bigot. And I stand by that. In the same way that people would say “what’s the big deal, Jackie Robinson is black and playing baseball, why is this a story?” were likely racists.

        Thanks for the hopes of physical harm to me for something I didn’t even actually say. That’s pretty awesome.

        1. People not caring about a persons sexual orientation would cause them to not think this is news which equals you thinking they are likely a bigot. You say you aren’t saying something, then say it again. Maybe you need to change your mind?

          No I don’t hope you physical harm. Although I do wish a fungal disease rots your face off. See, now I write like you do.

          1. So you honestly believe that because you don’t care about something, it’s not news? How hilariously selfish of you.

            I don’t give two shits about who wins elections in Australia. But it’s still news, and I can’t deny that.

            I don’t care about figure skating in the Olympics- the results are still news.

            I could go on, but I think you get my point.

            I did say “likely” a bigot. And now I see it- you’re not a bigot. You’re just an idiot.

          2. See, now we have an understanding. I may be a selfish idiot, one who thinks this is not news. But a bigot, I am not.

  7. i hope zimmerman beats the fuck out of dmx and pours skittles and ice tea all over his unconscious, drug infested body

  8. Has a hack journalist compared our signing excon Mike Vick to drafting fancy Sam yet and the unfair double standards of modern society? Because that’s going to happen about ten times before today is over.

  9. Kyle,

    Your readership is dumb.

    Everyone saying “I don’t care if he’s gay it shouldn’t be news, etc, etc…”, it’s cool that you don’t care, but he’s the first openly gay player in a workplace that has historically been full of misogynistic, homophobic people and slurs. It’s a triumph for gay people that he has come out, just like it would be a triumph if he was the first black person or first woman to do something not normally expected of that race or gender. It would be great if everyone “couldn’t care less” but that’s not the case, so it shouldn’t be treated that way.

    1. That was kind of my point. It shouldn’t be a big deal that he’s gay, but it is, in this case.

    2. “but he’s the first openly gay player in a workplace that has historically been full of misogynistic, homophobic people and slurs.”

      Like basketball? Jason Collins

      Like Ice hockey? Shutt and Howe

      C’mon now fellas, this must be a case of selective memory in your case.

    3. Read what you just wrote and then wait for 10 seconds and then realize you’re a bigger bigot than anyone posting in this thread.

    4. The big deal is everyone making a big deal about it.

      Most people don’t give a shit and wouldn’t even know about it if the media wasn’t making such a big fucking deal about it.

      It’s an endless cycle.

  10. I hope the Eagles don’t pick this kid up…not cause he is gay..but because the last Fucking thing I want to see is a Fuckin eagles rainbow alternate away jerseys!

  11. Gay is a genetic disorder. Most gays understand it is a malfunction of their make up. They are ashamed. People call this player brave because he is embarrassed. It’s not the same thing as Jackie Robinson. He was brave.

  12. I really hope that the Dolphin’s Organization drafts Mr. Smart so I can take him under my wing and make him my new best friend.

    I will really have him feeling comfortable and at ease when I tell him I am going to shove a disease infested cock deep down his gay throat, and that if he misses another play I am going to stick an M-80 in his dildo and shove it up his fudge factory.

    We will be such good friends!

  13. You know sumpin? Screw all these other dudes, I’ll fight McNabb instead. That momma’s boy needs his ass tuned up and his mouth notched back a few. Klown dozen’t know when to keep his chunky-soup hole shut.

    Bring it on! When I’m done wit him, #5 will be #2, know whut I mean?


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