Ballsy week for Netflix. First they strike a deal with monolith Comcast to keep their stream speedy (the first blow to net neutrality), and then they troll Amazon with this video poking fun at their delivery drones. All this on the heels of the release of Season 2 of House of Cards, which I just finished and am happy to discuss on Twitter or email.

You’ve probably heard about Netflix’s recent deal with Comcast— they’ll pay the cable giant an undisclosed sum of money to essentially increase network capacity to handle Netflix’s bandwidth (which accounts for about a third of all web use in the US). It sounds great for Comcast customers (now), but it may be the first blow to net neutrality and paves the way for content providers to pay cable companies to prioritize their stream. The fear is that eventually your (broadband or streaming) bill will go up as providers, like mega conglomerate Comcast, hold content hostage for additional fees… which will then get passed on to you.

Later this week expect a guide on how to cut the cord and still watch the Phillies. For now, listen to the latest episode of our Cord Snipped podcast, where we discussed why Comcast is winning and hates you. Listen or subscribe.

And yes, sports.