via (@breaking911)

via (@breaking911)

Just as the Russians were walking into the stadium for the opening ceremony news broke that a Ukrainian jet was forced to land in Turkey (by F-16 fighter jets!) after a passenger on-board claimed to have a bomb and ordered the plane head toward Sochi.

From The Daily Star:

An airliner with 110 passengers on board en route from Ukraine was forced Friday by an F-16 military jet to land in Istanbul after a hijack attempt, media reports said.

A Ukrainian passenger is believed to have demanded that the plane be diverted to Sochi, where the Winter Olympics are taking place, and said there was a bomb on board, the unconfirmed reports said.

That’s the latest. Has all the makings of a crazy passenger who didn’t actually have a bomb. But we’ll keep you updated.

Of course, the most terrifying thing this hour at the opening ceremony is the Olympic mascots: