Probably the Best T-Shirt Sighting Yet


Now who’s going to send me the Believe shirt picture from Sochi?


9 Responses

  1. It’s cool that the shirt made it out that far, but it’s still a corny shirt. I’d be embarrassed to wear it. Reason being is this… most people don’t know Chip said that, so you just look like some faggot “im from philly so i think i’m tough” guy.

    Maybe you’re just not a creative guy? I don’t know man… you’re a funny/pretty good writer. And considering that, you’ve got to step your game up with the copy on these things.

    Then again I guess I can’t blame you. As corny as it is, you knew some fuckin noodles would buy it, so you made it.

    So actually, I take it all back. You were smart enough to create something gay that would take money from the pockets of noodles across the city and put it in yours.

    I applaud it.

      1. I said he was a funny/pretty good writer. No hate. Just stating facts. It’s a cool shirt if you know Chip said it. If you don’t, you just look like a noodle.

  2. I’m waiting for the “I’m from Malvern and I type things on the computer” t-shirt.

    1. How about “I’m from Philadelphia and I foolishly think the Eagles will win a Super Bowl in my lifetime” ?


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