Report: Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs Might Join Phillies Broadcasting Team

Todd Zolecki is reporting that both Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs could be added to the Phillies’ broadcasting team:

Sources said this week the network has been speaking to both Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs about joining Tom McCarthy in the broadcast booth. The network originally planned to hire just one color commentator to replace Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews, whom the network declined to bring back as part of its recently negotiated 25-year contract with the Phillies. But those plans apparently changed following strong auditions by both.

Moyer, who has worked with ESPN, interviewed two weeks ago. Stairs, who has worked with NESN, interviewed late last week.

Anything from Zolecki carries a lot of weight, so I’d say this has a reasonable chance of happening.

We talked to Stairs (for 45 minutes!) last week about his time with the 2008 Phillies and also his brief experience working for NESN, being on Twitter, and why the current group of Phils need better chemistry. He clammed up when he was asked about interviewing for the broadcasting job, which he might get. [Give it a listen by clicking the Crossing Streams link up there on the right– I’m sans power again and working off an iPad. Linking makes me want to kill someone.]


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  1. Thank the good lord above (who may or may not exist) that Mitch Williams is no longer being considered. That guy sucks.

  2. Hold on. Eskin said two weeks ago his inside sources said it was someone different. Howard is never wrong.

  3. I hear Sean Brace tried to get an audition. But all he talked about was Jay Z songs. He also tried to explain how living in Manyunk in your mid 30’s was acceptable. Tom McCarthy punched him and the audition was over.

  4. If that’s the case, how many games out of 162 will they show Stairs NLCS homer against LA? Not that it isn’t great, but they have a way of overplaying that stuff. We should start a pool.

    1. Once that ball returns to Earth, they’ll definitely show the landing and subsequent crater.

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