Two days to go and we’re already well underway with the Sochi coverage. Fortunately or not, it has nothing to do with the games. Piling on to reports from earlier about the hit-and-miss nature of accommodations in the seaside city are Dan Wetzel and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports– one is looking for a door knob, the other thinks his hotel room may be bugged by Russian spies(!!!!!!).



From his column:

You want a Soviet snapshot? How about a brilliant testament to soulless central planning, federal inefficiencies, widespread corruption and inexplicable architecture, such as the now famous double toilets?

This is meant in the best possible way. Seriously, this is something to marvel at, like a life-sized Smithsonian display of a bygone period.

Meanwhile, his colleague thinks his room is bugged:

Voila_Capture1140 Voila_Capture1141 Voila_Capture1143 Voila_Capture1142

Now, one might easily explain those things as being a smoke detector, alarm and… um, something else. But Robinson’s semi-paranoid Tweets give you some insight into the mentality in Sochi right now… and the games haven’t even started yet! And I, for one, am already in the Olympic spirit! Crush the Russians! Miracles!