Photo credit: Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Since everyone is complaining about spoilers for an event that was aired live, covered by every news outlet in the West, and discussed ad nauseum on social media, and won’t be re-aired until 10 hours after it occurred in 2014, after the jump are the results from Shaun White’s performance in the half pipe. For the rest of the Olympics, spoily titles will follow this silly form: Non-Spoiler [athlete or event] Title.

Only in snowboarding.

That picture is from Shaun White’s first of two runs– when he almost ate it on the half pipe. His second run was better, but not good enough to medal– he failed to stick two of his landings. He finished fourth, but was an incredibly good sport to I-Pod, who won the gold.

Tough Olympics for White, who bailed out of the slopestyle event to concentrate on the half pipe. Ouch.

Meanwhile, assholes abound:





I know almost nothing about how Shaun White is perceived in the snowboarding world, but it seems as though Plaschke had these Tweets written and ready to go before White even finished his run.