Shit’s Gonna Be Weird in Sochi

via (@russian_market)
via (@russian_market)

This is easily the best Sochi toilet picture. I have no idea what happens with those chairs. Do you put your feet up? Is that the line? Does a panel of communist elders supervise your two and decide your ultimate fate based on exactness of the separation? So confused.

See a slideshow of Sochi bathrooms over at the Sporting News.

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3 Responses

  1. Once again we see that a nation & city are awarded the honor of hosting the Olympic games based on something other than merit . . .or even the ability to properly host & accommodate the people involved.


  2. For $10,000 plus expenses, my team of consultants and I will act as concierge for this event. There’s 3 of us, so it looks like there’s already enough chairs set up.


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