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Even at 50% off, you’re still looking at, what, $30 for that thing? Too much.

Dislike aside for a second– Evan left a nice message for fans (which actually reads like he wrote it) on his Instagram:

Seems like it was just yesterday I was at this press conference being introduced as the newest member to the philadelphia 76ers. That moment was a great moment and it was even more of a shock the way the fans welcomed me to the city by greeting me at the train station with @christiancrosby leading the way and@preston76 directing me every step of the way. Since then ive had some good and bad moments but Im lucky that I was able to be coached by great people and play with talented teamates who were able to lead the franchise to the playoffs twice. Even through the rough times i still appreciated the support and passion that the true fans showed myself and my teammates. Even though this year has been rough I definitely appreciated going through the trials and tribulations with hardworking people such as my teammates and coaches. I believe the future is bright for the organization because Coach Brown is a determined, positive and passionate leader. Im very lucky to have the opportunity to play for him and learn from him. To my loyal supporters, I would like to thank you for standing behind through it all and making my time in Philly memorable. God bless you all!

Meep. Meep.

Now, who wants to wipe their ass with that Celtics banner?

H/T to reader Arthur. ARTHUR! Love having an Arthur reader. Welcome, Arthur.