Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.34.05 AMStill no power in my dwelling. The dog and I have relocated for the day. I wrote 10 blog posts for 45,000 views on half an iPad charge with LTE yesterday. I don’t know, I think that should be in an Apple commercial.


Success! Winning! TICKET PRICE HIKES!

The Eagles today announced that they will be adding seats (they desperately want to get to 70,000 so they can host a Super Bowl) and raising prices on 52% of tickets:

Seats are being added on all levels of the building – lower bowl, mid level and upper level. The seats added to the lower bowl will have a Stadium Builders License, which will maintain the integrity and value of the SBLs that were originally sold in 2003. All season tickets in the lower bowl will continue to have a seat license.

“Over the years we have received a number of requests from our season ticket members to purchase seat licenses, relocate their seats, or purchase additional tickets,” added Smolenski. “By adding new seats to our stadium, there are opportunities to fulfill some of these requests. Our ticket office will be managing this process over the next few months and we will be fair and flexible throughout the process.”

Approximately 52% of the tickets will increase in price, while 43% will stay the same and 5% will decrease. The previous stadium layout grouped tickets into five categories and the new layout will consist of eight.

This is in addition to new MASSIVE HD boards.

Everyone gripes when prices are raised, so you can insert yours here ______. But I see no problem with this. A new coach, a winning team, stadium upgrades, and actual useful green capabilities… it’s all worth it. Hell, they can double ticket prices for all I care if they make the Super Bowl next year. Or, you know, if they play another game in the snow so I can sell a bunch of product.