The Flyers Were So Impressive in Their 7-3 Loss Last Night, NBC Wants to Put Them on National TV More Often

And thus concludes our coverage of that abomination last night.

The Flyers, ostensibly a playoff team, will play in NBC’s Game of the Week on March 16 against the Penguins. From the release:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that their game against the Penguins at Pittsburgh on Sunday, March 16 has been selected as NBC’s Game of the Week, and will now be a national exclusive on NBC.

Accordingly, the start time of this game HAS BEEN MOVED TO 12:30 PM.

The game had previously been scheduled for a 7:30 p.m. start time.

The game will be the back-end of a home-and-home series with Pittsburgh as they host the Penguins in a Saturday matinee on Mar. 15 at 1 p.m.

Now you know.


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  1. Boy was that ugly last night. I drowned my sorrows in beer and hot dogs…. I do believe I saw a very unhappy Kyle Scott on the concourse.

  2. Can’t believe Bill Clement made the snarky comment during the intermission, “Where was Pavelski against Team Canada?” First of all, the Flyers defense does not even come close to Canada’s and second, Pavelski had a great Olympics so why would you make a childish comment like that? Man, I don’t like that guy.

    1. Yes, but Ed loves Bill so he won’t be going anywhere. Shouldn’t Pavelski be ‘tired’ from playing in the Olympics and the travel? You know, like we’re told Kimmo is and why he sat out last night’s game. Flyers are brutal. What was Chief doing with these guys for two weeks, babysitting them?

    2. I was watching the San Jose feed (I live in CA now) and the Sharks announcers, Randy and Drew had some really nice things to say about the Flyers and their fans, too bad Clement has the blinders on… Almost everything about the Flyers needs to be imploded. It has become really difficult for me to root for them the past 2 or 3 seasons.

      1. Agreed. Get rid of everything…Snider, Holmgren, Clarkie, Coatesy, JJ, Clement, Tocchet, Saunders, Bundy, Lauren Hart, Kate Smith, the ugly uniforms, the tough guy inferiority complex, the excessive broad street bullies nostalgia. Everything about this franchise is disgusting, juvenile, and stale. Burn it down. Keith Jones can stay though since he’s the only one who doesn’t live in a bubble.

  3. One game off of a two week break. You can cut them a little slack. No other sport takes a two week break in the heart of their season. Perhaps they were a little rusty. Shouldnt call them a “lost cause” either. Theyre in the playoff hunt right now.

    1. Gee, weren’t the Sharks off for the same two weeks? Oh, you’re right, the Sharks did look rusty. In the first period. And what is a “playoff hunt”? Almost everybody makes the NHL playoffs. Are talking about just making them or actually doing something in them?

      1. It’s hockey. All you need to do is make the tournament and you have a chance. The Kings only won 40 regular season games in 2011-12.

  4. If you think it’s about anything BUT ratings son, you are just kidding yourself. After carefully considering past and present ratings the network has decided to make this cross state rivalry the game of the week. With how the Pens are playing it’s no shocker. Now go get mamma her MD 20/20 out of the fridge and the roach I left on the coffee table last night.

  5. I know I’m ranting a bit but Scott Hartnell’s ‘effort’ last night was: 0 points, minus 3, a dumb 2 minute minor for delay of game and the obligatory end of game slash and fight. Homer giving this guy a no trade clause could be worse than the Bryz signing. At least Bryz is gone.

    1. i cant stand Hartnell either. Hes the highest paid forward on the team as well as the owner of a NTC. By far Homers worst signing. And for some reason Berube puts him back with Giroux and Voracek even though Raffl was the one having the ost success playing with them

      1. At this point I don’t want the Flyers to make any trades unless it is for picks. New GM, new coach, and especially a new culture (other front office changes) as soon as season is over. Start from scratch.

  6. My intention upon reading this post was going to be to make a comment about how long it would take “CM” to start his cock blowing of the flyers and talk about they played well and we shouldn’t be so hard on them.

    Lo and behold he already posted, so I need not waste my thumbs. Thank you CM.

    1. Thats a little weird that youd be waiting for me to comment. Obsession? Sorry I am a Flyers fan. Unlike you who prolly jumps around the sports world until you can latch onto a team that is winning. Front-running is in your blood its okay

      1. No, man. Every time there is a flyers post that is even borderline negative you come on here with your typical Type OB defense of a mediocre team. I love the Flyers, I always will. The problem is you can polish a turd all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s still a turd.

        I’ll be busy living in reality, while you are busy playing with turds, my man.

    1. That all depends on if Snider quits. The Flyers will NEVER win again with Snider in charge. He lives in the past.


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