Jamaica released its official bobsled reggae 8-bit jammy jam this weekend, and they claim it’ll sync up with their run tomorrow. No, really:

Download the Bobsled Song at and press play the exact moment our Jamaican Bobsled Team begins their big race this Sunday. You’ll be amazed how the song syncs perfectly with the rhythms of the bobsled track itself.

First heat starts this Sunday 11:15AM EST, 2/16. Get more details via Twitter @JAMBOBSLED

Holy fucking shit. This may the best use of sports social media ever.* There’s no chance I’m not tuning in tomorrow at 11:15. On this freezing night, watch Jamaica slide by(!). Are you fucking kidding me? This is amazing.

*I’d love to see the Sixers do something like this with an NBA Jam-esque BOOMSHAKALAKA timed with opponent alley-oops. Shouldn’t be that hard to pull off, right? Just set it every 24 seconds.