The Most Accurate Philly Map Yet

Voila_Capture1137[Click to enlarge]

This is outstanding from the folks at [via Philly Mag]. I love how it just stops north of Spring Garden Street, like yeahhhhhh, we’re gonna just leave the dodgy end out.

This isn’t a promotion, but you can order prints and other assorted trinkets here. I just did.

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6 Responses

  1. First off, it’s completely wrong….Giant USB? Meaning, what, the Comcast Center? First off, it’s above Market Street and is on the ‘north’ side of JFK Boulevard, so I don’t know how it’s on the ‘south’ side of Market Street on this dumb map.

    Also, it’s not even close to the typical stereotypical statements most PHILADELPHIAN’S would make for the neighborhoods here… you even visit the city or know anything about it, Kyle? Honestly, I’m asking.

    1. Who gives a shit, you map nazi! It’s a fricken’ t-shirt decal, not a triple-A travel guide.

      Lighten up, maggot!


  2. I don’t know who these negative nancy cocksuckers are, but this looks pretty spot-on to me.

    I been in the city 12+ yrs, and every area I have some knowledge of, the comment makes sense. Anyone who lived in Chester County or wherever would not be able to make any sense of any of it…

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