The #SochiStrays Hashtag is Full of Adorable Dogs

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From the New York Times:

Local animal rights workers say many of the strays were pets, or the offspring of pets, abandoned by families whose homes with yards were demolished over the past few years to make way for the Olympic venues and who were compensated with new apartments in taller buildings, where keeping a pet is often viewed as undesirable.

I’ll put up $1,000 to kick things off if anyone can figure out how to get the dogs from the shelter mentioned in the story and bring them to US foster homes for adoption. Dead serious.

Pictures after the jump.


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  1. This is abhorrent behavior, however, foreign countries don’t look upon domesticated animals as we do. Take notice the next time you watch a foreign movie how terribly dogs and cats are treated.
    I wish I knew how to change the behavior of an entire nations.

    1. I love my dog and all animals as much as anyone. But to think that foreign nations dont have the same view towards us on a wide range of other important issues is just idiotic.

      1. Surprisingly, Junkhead is right. Ever been to South America? Strays literally everywhere, and after asking why there are so many, the people just said that if the owners don’t care to take care of them anymore, they just set them loose. Same thing in Turkey.

    2. Junkhead, In some countries people who eat burgers are disgusting murdering heathens. And in other countries dogs and cat are not domestic animals, they are livestock to be eaten. Americans are so self centered sometimes….

  2. As tragic as this is and as much a clusterfuck the Olympics are, I’m not sure I want these dogs brought over. Who knows what they could be carrying.

    The solution is simple, turn some of these buildings, which no doubt will be abandoned in 3 weeks, and turn them into doggie hotels.

  3. Kyle, While I applaud your effort to help the sick and stray dogs in Russia I don’t want us to forget about all the strays and fosters in our own backyard. I recently moved down to Texas and stray dogs are as abundant as deer roaming around Bucks County. Tons of dogs down here are put down on a daily basis because they can’t find homes for them, and they are only kept in shelters for a maximum of two days before being put down. I don’t want to turn this into a PSA but I think we should be focusing on our own problems

  4. First of all these stray dogs were there well before the first shovel touched down in Sochi for the Olympics. I’ve been to places like Bulgaria and it’s unreal how many dogs just roam the streets. They are everywhere. Congratulations to anyone dumb enough who adopts one of one hundred thousand dogs running around in Sochi. While your at it pick up a new born baby from Africa. Now that would be sacrifice for the better meant of the world.

    The only thing I know about the Olympics is that it’s unsafe, cnn reporters are unhappy with the hotel accommodations ( somehow surprised by this) ,and Claude and Vonn aren’t in it. Who are we pulling for here people? Let’s talk about the games.

    The Russians have no clue about capitalism or service. Appreciate what you have people.

  5. I’ve been watching for an hour and I’m already done. I can’t look at Bob Costas’ infected eye without my own eyes getting weepy. No doubt he washed his face in that dirty Sochi water and now we’re all going to get to watch Costas die from a flesh eating virus over the next 3 weeks.

  6. Those pups are lucky that the fatass Americans don’t send over Michael Vick to cure this problem.

  7. If only this same outpouring of love for dogs was prevalent when the majority of jackass Eagle fans welcomed that piece of shit Vick into the fold. Being a stray in Sochi is 100 times better than ending up in the hands of a sociopathic dickhead like Vick.

  8. It’s fine to be concerned and all, but in the end they are just dogs. Not people. They’re animals.

  9. While I agree with William Rhodes above, there may be an interesting solution that could be both effective and humane…

    In Greece, they take strays in, spay/neuter them, vaccinate them, and release them back onto the streets. It’s an interesting and humane way of dealing with the situation. Food for thought.

  10. The same assholes so worked up about these dumb dogs are the same people who can’t shove enough beef/pork down their throats – all of which are basically raised in torture conditions in some mid-western factory farm. But yea, lets worry about these poor dogs on the other side of the planet and ignore our own behavior that contributes to much worse treatment of animals.

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