The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

Voila_Capture1120The Transformers commercial with Mark Wahlberg made me want to kill someone. That was the low point. But from heartwarming to downright absurd, there were plenty of good ones last night. These are my top 10.

10) Microsoft Steve Gleason

Let’s start it off by tickling the sentimental bone.


9) Hyundai Dad Sixth Sense

Heartwarming. Had a similar experience with my Dad… while teaching me to drive he explained that one time in high school he nearly got into an accident when him and his friends tried to slap a girl’s ass out the window. Don’t do that, Son. Noted.


8) T-Mobile

The Tim Tebow spot, by themselves, were overrated. But from a what is most effective standpoint, T-Mobile’s long-term contract-killer commercials may have been the best of the night. T-Mobile will pay off your mobile contract. Now you know it.


7) Chobani Bear



6) Chevy Romance

Anytime you show me an animal excited to get laid, I laugh. It’s character flaw.


5) Budweiser Super Bowl Dog and Homecoming

I was wrong the other day. Super Bowl Dog wasn’t number one. But if you weren’t crying during it and Homecoming, you’re not human.


4) Bud Light Ian Rappaport

Quasi-interactive, real-world commercials were in this year. Excellent Arnold cameo.


3) Radio Shack 80s

Alf, The California Raisins, Chucky! Said what everyone has thought about Radio Shack for more than a decade.



2) Go Daddy Puppet Master

The girl quits her job in front of 100 million people and simultaneously, with the help of Go Daddy, who designed her website, gets maybe the best small business website launch ever– Brilliant.


1) Audi Doberhuahua

I watched the game at the Iron Abbey in Horsham. This was the only commercial that had everyone in the bar laughing. The cone part is outstanding. Plus the humor matched the message for Audi A3. Dogs and sports cars always win.


16 Responses

  1. In my humble opinion, the Doberhuahua spot was easily the best of a mediocre batch of Super Bowl commercials.

    1. Actually I take that back. The one with Uncle Jesse, Danny, and Joey was good too. I forgot about that one because I had seen it before the Super Bowl. Shame on you for not including that, Kyle. How rude!

  2. I thought the Bud Light Ian Rappaport ad was dumb. The way they hyped it up and all, it was a major let down.

    1. Hahaha that’s awesome. I love it. It’s about time someone else called out Mr. Liberal PC agenda on his blatant homophobia. DeSean Jackson makes homophobic comments during a radio show and Mikey the Messiah barely gives it the time of day. Riley Cooper makes racist comments and Mikey still won’t shut the fuck up about months later.

  3. I love that he’s using the word ‘homosexual’ as an insult. At least he has something to talk about other than the superbowl.

    1. Tomorrow he will make the obligatory apology (station mandated), and tell us all that he loves the gay community.
      Big mouthed hypocrite.

  4. They’re commercials! By definition, commercials suck and are a waste of our time. Why are so many people raving about frickin’ commercials?


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