draft_streetOur friends over at Draft Street are giving away $150,000 in a one-day only fantasy basketball league tomorrow. It’s $22 to play (you can use PayPal– I did) and the top 1,000 finishers will win money, with the winner earning… carry the 2, $50k. There is a limit of only 7,500 participants, so you have basically a 1-in-7 chance of winning at least something. Right now, there are only 2,300 participants registered.

It takes two seconds to pick your team. It’s a no-brainer signup if you’re a fantasy sports player. Here’s all you need to do:

1) Click here and login or create a Draft Street account.

2) Deposit $22 into your account.

3) Pick your team by 7 p.m. Wednesday.

That’s it. I got Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kyle Lowry as my three stars.

Click here to play.


We’ve worked with Draft Street for a few years now. Good guys. Great service. No bullshit, no strings. On Christmas, jakam31 won $25,000 in one day playing NBA Fantasy. It was the first cash game he ever played in. Daily NBA fantasy tournaments can be won by anyone.


If you’d prefer something free, our friends over at Rinkotology – runners of Pens Blog – are offering a FREE Olympic hockey fantasy league. Password is FLYERS. The winner gets $100. Very simple. The details:

Total players: 12
8 forwards, 3 defensemen, 1 goalie. 1 player from each country.

Forward goals: 3.00
Forward assists: 2.00
Defensemen goals: 3.00
Defensemen assists: 2.00
Goalie win: 3.00
Goalie shutout: 2.00
Goalie assist: 2.00
Game winning overtime goal: 2.00
OT assist: 1


Pick your team here. You can also create and run your own leagues (for a $25 fee). This will let you set your own scoring system and password protect your game.