US Bobsledder Busts Through Bathroom Door, Which is Apparently Made of a Lightweight Cardboard

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This guy is my new favorite US Olympian– and he’s got a home security endorsement in his future.

If Johnny Quinn can do it, why can’t a burglar? Hello, I’m US Olympian Johnny Quinn. Is your home protected from would-be intruders? Studies show 6 out of 7 break-ins occur despite locked doors and windows. And I can tell you from experience, a locked door is no deterrent to a determined individual… or the Kool-Aid Man. Call today and get FREE in-home installation. Tell ’em Johnny sent ya. [Busts through door] OH YEAH!

Also: I assume Kellogg’s execs are salivating over Ashley Wagner?

Photo credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Ashley Wagner showing how big the Ukrainian downhill skier was after she took him in her mouth last night.

  2. The majority of your non security doors are made of that material and that door is a bathroom door so not a big deal think the kids a dick for breaking it tell the real story!

  3. Nobody cares about bad USA media propaganda trying to make Russia look bad learned my lesson the first time during 9\111 during that media manipulation blackout.

    1. AlexJones Steve Quayle Reverend Lindsay Graham & Gerald Celente are the kings of conspiracy theories &fear mongering says:

      You meant 9/11

    2. Alex Jones, is that you? Or are you just some butt hurt Ruskie commie pinko bastard? Nobody cares what you think. And I am boycotting watching these shitty olympics at this corrupt, shitty location. Not because of how Russia treats the gays. Thats messed up and everything, but I am really pissed at how these fucks are killing the poor stray dogs roaming the streets of Sochi. These poor mutts used to be pets, or are the spawn of former pets, and these assholes are shooting them with poisoned ammo, or killing them with poison meat. The poison suffocates the poor animals over 90 minutes of agony. And the most enraging thing is that numerous individuals have stepped forward with major charitable contributions with which to care for these animals (via shelters and adoption pograms). So basically, fuck these corrupt, cruel Russian assholes.

      1. I would not get to crazy about that stray dog story it is probably bullshit to America likes feeding there people bullshit stories 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

      2. AlexJones Steve Quayle Reverend Lindsay Graham & Gerald Celente are the kings of conspiracy theories &fear mongering says:

        The Honorable President Vladimir Putin personally stopped the US from starting WW3 skippy,if you would take your head out of your ass and stop drinking the MSM kool-aid you would know this.

  4. More ashley wagner kyle. She’s fucking hot. And has just the right amount of crazy in those eyes.

  5. Morons! Most interior doors are built like that unless you want to drop a “G” on a solid wood door. You fools know nothing! Mama will teach you.

  6. Kellogg’s? She looks more like the Trix Rabbit to me or a character from Alice in Wonderland.

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