Video: Reporter Takes Handheld Camera on Sochi Downhill Course

Graham Bell is a five-time Olympic skiier and, now, a presenter* for BBC. This weekend he rode the downhill course with a handheld camera. It’s… fucking insane. Had this conversation with my future father-in-law last night: Better chance of death having no experience: ski jump or downhill? I said ski jump, because in downhill you’d wipeout long before hitting dangerous speeds. You’d be gone by that first turn. He said downhill, because in ski jump you could start lower on the chute and slide straight down the hill when you crash. But I’d argue that once you’re committed to the jump, you’re the same as the pros– flying through the air, no opting out at that point. And you wouldn’t want to start halfway down the chute because you wouldn’t have enough speed and will crash to the ground even harder. Anyway, what says you? More terrifying– downhill or ski jump?

Trade for Jimmy Butler?

*The Brits are so cute with their terminology.


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  1. LIVE on CNN! I’ll be trying the ski jump for the first time, and I’ve brought my GoPro along for the ride!

    Up Next: My funeral! LIVE on CNN!

  2. Do not debate with your future father in law son. It’s ill advised.

    I’d rather do both of those things consecutively before I pissed off Vlad Putin.

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