Vindictive Phillies Execs Snitch on College Kid

Voila_Capture 2014-02-20_08-30-24_AMI’m sure there are two sides to this one, but this side is not a good look.

The Phillies apparently ratted out Oregon State senior lefty Ben Wetzler to the NCAA after Wetzler, drafted by the Phillies last year, decided to stay in college. Aaron Fitt, reporting for Baseball America:

Several sources have confirmed to Baseball America that the Phillies, who drafted Wetzler in the fifth round last June but did not sign him, told the NCAA in November that Wetzler violated the NCAA’s “no agent” rule. That rule is widely disregarded by baseball prospects, whose advisers routinely negotiate with teams on players’ behalf, against NCAA rules—because that is the industry norm. As an American League scouting director told Baseball America in 2008, “Every single player that we deal with—I don’t care what round you’re talking about—has representation, has an agent.”

And every year, some players drafted inside the top 10 rounds elect not to sign pro contracts, often drawing the ire of the clubs that drafted them. But major league teams almost never attempt to contact the NCAA in order to report potential violations. The Phillies, according to sources, did just that with two players they drafted last year: Wetzler and sixth-round pick Jason Monda, who opted to return to Washington State for his senior year. Monda was cleared to play by the NCAA last Thursday, the day before the college season began.

This is some Paul Holmgren shit right here.

To begin with, NCAA rules on this sort of thing are a complete sham (watch the documentary Schooled on Netflix). Players very much need representation in these instances and that’s the exact reason why the rules are often disregarded.

It’s unclear who ratted Wetzler out to the NCAA. Phils director of scouting Marti Woleverererer had no comment for Baseball America.

The Phillies have gone from being perceived as an extremely classy organization to one that signs jackasses, stabs its longtime manager in the back, and rats out college kids. Snitches basically. You know what the cartel does to snitches?

UPDATE: Todd Zolecki on what this could mean for Phillies:

The Baseball America report is receiving attention for a couple reasons. First, high draft picks often decide to stay in school and reenter the draft at a later date. But teams very rarely contact the NCAA for a player having representation. Second, there could be repercussions for the Phillies. If they draft a college junior in the future, he might have reservations about negotiating with the Phillies because of fears about being turned in to the NCAA if he does not sign.


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  1. I can root for an old team trying to give it one last go in spite of their clueless GM. But under no circumstances can i root for a snitch. They’re dead to me

  2. If 10,000 people contribute just $1 I can be out enjoying this sunny day. Come on people, it’s the price of a WaWa coffee. Here’s the best part, if you contribute $1 I will give you a $2 off coupon to see the most exciting basketball this town has to offer. That’s right fans a ticket off to see the team of year. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Well, you get the idea. Thanks and have an awesome day.

  3. Kyle please explain how they stabbed Charlie in the back. And if we’re keeping track of organizations who sign jackasses, every single one in every single sport is guilty.

    If you’re going to slander the Phillies, please don’t be a lazy idiot about it. I know that’s hard for you.

    1. Yea this post is weak sauce. Isn’t Cholly working for the team now? So what’s with the stabbed in back again?

    2. Dunphy, shouldn’t you be game-planning how the Owls are going to win another basketball game this season, instead of venting your spleen here? Your team is in the shitter!


  4. “Stabs it’s longtime manager who lucked into a good team at the right time but afterward made absolutely no positive impact and let overblown egos disrupt his clubhouse in the back”, would have been more accurate.

    Plus this old twat is probably down at spring training causing loyalty issues between the players and Sandberg. The Phillies need to learn to cut the past glories and keep moving. Bowa, Schmidt, Manuel, Ed Wade, how many more of these slobs do we have to keep eternally blowing. Go play golf. (Not you Wade, you need to go GM another team for us to trade rape).

    1. How quickly we forget that I almost singlehandedly brought winning baseball back to this city after 2-time WS manager Tito Francona won 65 games the year before. My GM literally made my team worse at the deadline each year I had a chance to make the playoffs and hero Cholly didn’t win anything more than I did with the loser players I was saddled with throughout my tenure. They didn’t win until after that group was cleaned out.

      Me coming back aside, I agree this organization is stuck in the past and is as pathetic as they come.

  5. L-Bo,

    It is so great to have you back in the organization. For so many years, nobody else on the team and coaching staff wanted to win as much as you, and you were essentially fired for it. That shows how fucked up this organization is.

    Don’t even get me started on that lame jackass Francona. Here’s something that I KNOW would never have occurred on your watch:

    On OPENING DAY 2000, Francona “rested” Bobby Abreu (on opening day, mind you), in favor of that “gamer” Kevin Sefcik. I don’t know what was worse – that Fraudcoma made such a dumbass decision, or that Goldbrick Abreu was ok with it. Instead of having enough pride to tell the manager “hell no, I’m playing on opening day”, that slacker grabbed a comfy seat on the bench and counted how much money he was making for doing nothing.

    Francona also “rested” Mickey Morandini ALSO ON OPENING DAY for that other “gamer”, Kevin Jordan.



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