West Chester Student Wins $10,000 and Then the School Taksies Backsies

A West Chester University freshman thought he won $10,000 Saturday night when he made a layup, foul shot, three-pointer and half-court shot as part of a halftime challenge. Problem: it took him two shots to make the half-court shot and the university claimed that every shot had to be made on the first attempt. They’re not giving him the money despite the only known rule being that you have to make the four shots in 25 seconds.

Kenneth Moton of 6 ABC had the report:

The first three shots he made with no problem but the fourth was from half court.

Well, after it was all said and done Lavery made a buzzer beater.

“I stopped and did that one handed shot and it happened to go in. I ran to the other side of the court just high fiving everyone and then I went and bear hugged my dad,” said Lavery.

However the excitement was short-lived. The group running the competition said Lavery had to make the half-court shot on his first attempt to get the money.

Action News contacted a spokesman for the athletics department to ask about the halftime challenge and the rules but there was no response.

Meanwhile, there’s a growing support online for Lavery with many urging officials to reward him the prize.

I give it until the end of the day today before the kid gets paid (and I bet you it’s a tuition credit or something like that– not cash). The story has already found its way to the New York Daily News. Plus, this shouldn’t even be up for debate. He had to make the four shots in 25 seconds… why have the time limit if he only gets one attempt at each shot? It doesn’t make any sense. And I love the way WCU Weekly, who posted the video on YouTube, didn’t even question their school’s decision not to pay the guy:

Voila_Capture 2014-02-17_11-14-47_AM

Yooooo guys! College is all about critical thinking. Doesn’t matter what classes you take– you’re not going to remember anything anyway. It’s all about critical thinking. Asking questions. Not blindly agreeing with and doing everything the man says. Learn that, WCU Weekly social media guy. It’ll serve you well. You’re cheeriness turns me off.

Video after the jump.


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  1. If he was supposed to make it on first attempt Y was the announcer continuing the countdown, they should have stopped it after the first shot missed, I’m calling BS

    1. they do this at every home game i’ve been too….and never once saw them stop a person after missing a free throw or even the idiots who miss a layup.

  2. God I love my alma mater. They don’t owe this kid shit. He’ll be able to cry his tears away on all of the sluts WCU produces every year.

    God I love that school. Pussy and alcohol for days!

    1. Sans your admitting going to that heap of trash school, I would have guessed you went there based solely on your use of the English language.

      I would be proud of a degree from West Chester as well; it probably helps you out down at the temp agency.

      1. I am a 31 year old WCU grad who has founded a few start-ups in my short life. The latest just raising $1.5M and being accepted into 500 Startups in San Francisco. When you’re done trolling on the internet and need a job, look me up.

        1. Even a blind dog finds a bone some days.

          Number one, you are a fraud, and if you did any of that, you wouldn’t be on here feeding a troll.

          Number two, I wouldn’t hire you to be my secretary with a degree from WCU.

  3. Thanks Kyle for not mentioning how your Villanova Wildcats once again got their teeth kicked by Creighton.

  4. if you look at the video closely the shot clock goes from 1 second to 0 seconds and back to 1 second as he takes the shot. So technically he didnt even do it in 25 seconds

  5. January 20 2014 Creighton 98
    Villanova 68

    February 16 2014 Creighton 101
    Villanova 80

  6. Wow, this guy has some skills. He should totally transfer to Villanova. They’re definitely a perennial top 10 team this year, who haven’t been the beneficiary of a completely soft schedule where they only have 1 or 2 legit wins. They’re really good.

  7. Lol… Kyle Scott of all people criticizing someone for not applying critical thought and asking the right questions while copying and pasting other professional writers articles. When is the last time you interviewed an active player?

    And did you serious ask why the time limit if you only get one shot for each? Maybe to make it more difficult so you don’t line up a foul shot for two minutes you fucking idiot.

  8. The shooter signed a contract for the contest stating that: (among other things)

    1. He wasn’t an x-highschool player….he was.
    2. Shots had to be made on first attempt.

    The fact that he didn’t read it, doesn’t mean it didn’t apply.
    It is poor that the MC didn’t know the rules, but not an unreasonable mistake.

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