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Deadspin has once again brought on lip reader Evan Brunell to help decipher MLB manager-umpire confrontations. One he tried to make sense of was from a game last year when Charlie Manuel and Jimmy Rollins were ejected by umpire Vic Carapazza.

Brunell notes that Charlie was easily the most difficult manager to lip-read and that he’s happy he’s gone.

Here’s the full exchange:

Vic Carapazza: Hold on.

Charlie Manuel: Come on, the fuck you calling him out?


CM: (around 0:29)—go ask him?


VC: Yes!

(Walks over to Gary Cederstrom.)

(Cederstrom ejects Manuel.)

CM: …fucking terrible. (OBSCURED) fucking that high!

(Honestly, the only thing I can catch that Manuel says throughout here is “Goddamn” and “Fuck”.)

CM: (1:08) Goddamn it!

CM: (1:18) We’re trying to win a fucking game, Gary. You’re getting on our godddamn case here, again (? not sure on again). What the fuck (OBSCURED). —Fucking matter?

GC: I’m sure it does.

CM: Goddamn right. You gotta be shitting me. You fucked me in the ass. That’s not (OBSCURED) fucking horseshit.

VC: That’s it! (Ejection) Get outta here, Jimmy! You’re gone.

Chase Utley: You’re a piece of—(stops, smirks). What? What’d he do? Did he say something?


Jimmy Rollins: For what?

CM: (OBSCURED) Fucking horseshit! (OBSCURED)

I can watch Chase calling someone a “piece of shit” on loop and never get tired of it.

You can see the video and other manager-umpire exchanges here.