Picture source unknown

Picture source unknown

It was US Airways Flight 1702 to Ft. Lauderdale. It reportedly aborted on takeoff when the nose gear collapsed.

Scary shit. Updates and air traffic control audio after the jump.

UPDATE: From Flight Aware:

Voila_Capture 2014-03-13_07-51-54_PM


UPDATE 2: It was an Airbus A320, reportedly carrying 149 passengers and five crew. Everyone was able to be evacuated.

UPDATE 3: Here’s the air traffic control audio via LiveATC.net. The flight is Cactus 1702, you hear them cleared for takeoff at the start of the video (female pilot or co-pilot voice). A minute or so later, there’s some confusion and what sounds like the pilot talking to the tower. The air traffic controller says he sees smoke and is sending emergency vehicles. He then asks for information about the plane and its passengers to relay to emergency responders.

UPDATE 4: Crazy split decision:

UPDATE 5: So, ah, who got the slide in back?

UPDATE 6: Video: