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While you were sleeping, and by sleeping I mean watching basketball and the Flyers slowly become the best hockey team on Earth, the Eagles and DeSean Jackson have been in a pissing contest for the ages. Ya boi wnts a knew cntrct str8 up n feelin’ dis raspect from da organization. The Eagles are, apparently, tired of DeSean’s antics and not fans of his $12 million cap hit.

The latest comes from Derrick Gunn, who continues to get the Eagles’ side of things on this matter. Earlier in the week he reported their alleged demands. Today he reports:

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It’s a he said, she said situation. And while all attention about running players out of town has focused on Jimmy Rollins, it’s DeSean Jackson, in his prime and one of the best receivers in football, who is being pushed right on out of here for reasons that still are perplexing.