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Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


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DARREN SPROLES, who is one of the best Madden players ever and who helped send the Eagles home in January, is now in Chip Kelly’s offense. Along with DeSean Jackson. Along with LeSean McCoy. Along with Nick Foles. Along with Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper. I’m damp. Damp. Damp. Damp. #iwanttoplaymaddenfootballwithchipkelly

More soon.

UPDATE 1: Sproles was not happy the other day when he found out via Twitter that he was likely being traded:

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UPDATE 2: Neither was his wife. First this angry message:

Voila_Capture 2014-03-13_09-04-28_AMAnd then:

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Feisty. I like it.

UPDATE 3: Swoooooon:

UPDATE 4: Schefter reports that the Eagles will send an undetermined draft pick to the Saints in exchange for Sproles:

Running back Darren Sproles, who Wednesday expressed a desire to be released by the New Orleans Saints, will be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, a league source tells ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

The Saints will receive an undetermined draft pick in return, the source said Thursday.

Sproles told ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Wednesday that he would rather be released by the Saints than traded.

“I don’t know where they would send me because I have no control over it, and I want to be able to pick [a team],” Sproles said.

The Saints decided to trade, instead of release, Sproles because there was so much interest from other teams when he was shopped as trade bait, a source told Schefter.

By the way– good morning!

UPDATE 5: F is for 5. It’s a fifth round pick.

UPDATE 6: Thoughts: Sproles isn’t a superstar, but he’s incredibly versatile and adds another weapon (or threat) to Chip Kelly’s offense. He ran 53 times last year for 220 yards and had 71 receptions for 604 yards. His 232 catches since 2011 are by far the most among running backs over that span. Beyond that, he’s an excellent kick returner… as you may recall:

This is the sort of player that won’t be a redundant part of the Eagles’ offense (think Maclin and Cooper diluting each other), but a new, shiny aftermarket accessory to make things go faster. And we like fast. Chip Kelly likes fast. Fast. Fast. Fast. VROOOOOOOOOOM. Sorry, I’m excited.

UPDATE 7:  Sproles is owed $3.4 million this season in the last year of a four-year deal, according to Spotrac:

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UPDATE 8: ~36 minutes later and CSN has about six sentences confirming there was a trade. Struggling with this breaking news thing.

UPDATE 9: Cue these rumors:

UPDATE 10: And now, Eliot Shorr-Parks here to throw some cold water on your boner:

On the Eagles, Sproles will not only be a weapon on offense, but he should help on both kick and punt return — areas the Eagles have struggled with badly the past few seasons.

It is fair to question, however, how much Sproles has left. The running back is coming off of the two worst seasons of his career, and the Saints — who love offense — would not be trading him for a fifth-round pick if they still believed he was a difference maker on offense.


UPDATE 11: Just kinda realized this: The Eagles have added Maclin and Sproles to their offense. They were ranked second last year with 417 yards per game. My God, the humanity.

UPDATE 12: Chip Kelly on Sproles:

“Darren Sproles is an unbelievable offensive weapon. He can do it all, run, catch, plus he’s a proven winner.”

Translation: I am naked in my office right now drawing up plays.

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