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High Cheese:

Let’s take a moment to say what should not happen. We’ll humor Ruben Amaro Jr. and Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa by including the obligatory disclaimer that we should not infer concretely that it will happen, or that it is currently happening. But we’ll also point out that, if things were to unfold in the manner in which they shouldn’t, the crescendo of criticism regarding Jimmy Rollins that has developed over the last 7 months would be consistent with the way these kinds of Things That Shouldn’t Happen have happened in the past.

For supplemental reading, we’ll direct your attention to the case files labeled, in alphabetical order, “Iguodala, A.,” and “McNabb, D.”

Of course, what shouldn’t happen is what usually does whenever the national media begins to acknowledge and investigate the charges of gross negligence and/or roster malpractice that have percolated through a fan base to a point where it is no longer in the professional interest of said national media members to ignore them in hopes of maximizing their page rank in whatever algorithm general managers and their fixers use to select the mouth into which they will dribble their next little crumb of an exclusive.

What I think David Murphy just did in this piece on why Jimmy Rollins shouldn’t be the Phillies’ fall guy is compare Rollins to Andre Iguodala and Donovan McNabb, two guys that Murphy claims were run out of town for the wrong reasons (I completely disagree with that, by the way). And while I can certainly appreciate the final 20% of this highest of cheese’s 86-word, one sentence third paragraph which takes a swipe at complicit national writers, it’s difficult to fathom that anyone – Murph or an editor – thought that this sort of run-on and unnecessarily complicated paragraph, written without a hint of irony, serves the readers, for whom he writes with great contempt, in any way. Dude needs an editor. And this comes from someone who just wrote two paragraphs about stink bugs.

H/T to commenter “David Murphy, King of the Pompous Run-On Sentence”